Suffering from premature skin ageing? THESE skincare mistakes could be the cause

Updated on Nov 09, 2019 02:34 PM IST  |  1.8M
Suffering from premature skin ageing? THESE skincare mistakes could be the cause

With time our skin is known to age even though we follow a good skincare routine and take good care of our skin. We cannot really prevent skin ageing or run away from it. That's just something that will happen no matter what. This is why we all pick a good skin routine that slows down skin ageing. But there's only so much that we can do. 

You may be using some of the best skin care product and picking up a good antiageing skincare product to prevent your skin from ageing faster but that isn't the only thing you should be doing. Your skin needs a lot more than just anti-ageing products. Sometimes it's the little mistakes that we make that make our anti-ageing skincare routine futile. It's these mistakes that make our skin age faster and render our anti-ageing skincare products useless.


Here are the skincare mistakes that are leading to wrinkles and fine lines


1. Every time you want that perfect cat eye look or a winged liner you just can't help but tug at your eyelids to get the perfect smooth look but in order to get the perfect stroke you may end up damaging the sensitive skin and blood vessels near your eyes which leads to quicker ageing and wrinkles.


2. We often skip on the sunscreen because we're running later or we're anyways travelling in our car or wearing a cap or a hat. There is no excuse to skip out on the much needed SPF. We also forget to apply some sunscreen on the skin around our face like on our neck and neckline and such


3. It is essential to be very careful when you take off your makeup. If you're harsh on your skin or aggressive with your makeup removal it may be the one thing that is damaging your skin and blood vessels and making it saggy and wrinkly. If you often forget to remove the makeup, it's even worse!


4. Avoid high temperatures. Don't wash your face with too hot water and avoid using too much steam or hot tubs or saunas. The heat blocks the growth of collagen and elastin and that loosens your skin and leads to wrinkles.


5. Your skin needs a little break from all the harsh makeup products that you use. Give your skin a little breathing space and go sans makeup once or twice a week. Makeup opens up our pores and loosens them and when we don't give our skin a break that takes a toll on it and makes it saggy and wrinkly but giving your skin regular breaks can help your pores shrink and tighten your skin. 



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