Tantouring: Women are using self tanning products to contour the face and it's the best viral trend EVER

Updated on Sep 16, 2020 08:58 PM IST  |  986.2K
Tantouring: Women are using self tanning products to contour the face and it's the best trend EVER

If you are not already aware, gone are the days of heavy makeup and layers of product on your face. From celebrities to makeup artists to influencers and even TikTok stars, everyone is trying to bring things back to the roots and keep their makeup as minimum as possible. Obviously, they use makeup products to get that natural glow and dewy finish, but you get our point, right? 

In the past few months, matte lipsticks have been replaced by lip tints and glosses while cheek tints have replaced powdered blushes. Creamy products that mimic the skin texture have started getting popular making cakey foundations and concealers a thing of the past. If you are not already aware, people have now turned to natural products like henna to achieve faux freckles. See, again, no products that actually get layered! 

Adding to this list is a new trend that is getting viral. Self-tanning has always been a way to add a bronzy glow and dimension to the skin. For the unversed, tanning products stain the skin for about 2-3 weeks and gives you a fake tan making you look like you’ve had a great vacation by the beach. I mean, it was always used as a hack by models and actors to give a fake effect of abs and a chiselled body, but it has now been adopted by quite a lot of people to contour those cheekbones. Coming to the trend now, Tantouring is essentially a mix of tanning and contouring where women across the world are strategically using self-tanners to add an effect of contour. As we said, this looks more natural as it essentially stains the skin, saving the trouble of putting layers of makeup and blending everything together. 

Here's a beauty expert, Julia Salvia trying it out: 




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So, if you’re looking for a way to look more chiselled without having to invest in multiple makeup products, this is the right trend to try. However, like every other trend, this has a down side - there is no room for mistake. So, if you end up using a darker tanner or don’t blend the tanner in the right places, you’re stuck with it for at least 2 weeks. 

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