Tea Rinse: The miraculous hero to put a pause on hair fall, dull hair and dandruff

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Tea Rinse: The miraculous hero to put a pause on hair fall, dull hair and dandruff
Tea Rinse: The miraculous hero to put a pause on hair fall, dull hair and dandruff


Your love for tea can take your hair game to new heights. All this while you've heard plenty of stories surrounding fruits and veggies serving your skin and hair well. Enter the unsung hero: Teas that can take you on a spectacular trip from damaged to healthy, lustrous, and stronger hair. Need more positives to add to the list? Get yourself to try it and let's do it together. 


Green tea and black tea have mustered many fans with time and while you start your day on a warm note, let your hair be as happy as your mood and tummy. You don't need to be a regular tea drinker to stock up on tea bags and this is the start to brewing up some magic. Do not add milk and remember to wash your tresses with cold water and a mild shampoo before you rinse them with tea.


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Rich in antioxidants, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, teas can help improve the overall health of hair by preventing hair loss and boosting hair growth as it aims to strengthen hair follicles. Especially black tea aids in blocking the DHT hormone which is the culprit that can lead to hair fall. A tea rinse can be rather gentle and easy on your hair and its demands. So, pick up this habit twice a week. Do you have your tresses coloured in shades of blue, red, brown and so on? Be smart when using black tea, it may dye your hair. In this case, you can seep the tea bag inside the water for a shorter span of time. This will ooze less colour so the chances of it dying your hair will be too low. 


Powered with Vitamin B, green tea aids in moisturising and improving the texture of your hair. How often do you see yourself complaining about dry and dull hair? Here’s the best answer. If an itchy scalp and flakes seem too difficult to tackle, try to rinse your hair with green or black tea, both fight dandruff and ease irritation. 


Need a game-changer that can reduce hair breakage woes? Brittle hair can be a thing of yesterday with tea rinse. This can increase the volume, beat the frizz and smoothen the texture. 

Have you tried to rinse your hair with tea? If yes, share your experience with us in the comments section. 

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