THESE are the HIGHLIGHTER mistakes we all make and here's how to fix them

Love using highlighter, but always mess up the look because of that? Then here are some mistakes that you should avoid while using a highlighter. And even if you make the mistakes here's how you should correct them.
THESE are the HIGHLIGHTER mistakes we all make and here's how to fix them
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One of our favourite makeup products is the Highlighter. We love to use a highlighter for every occasion. It not only makes our faces shine but also helps us to highlight the best feature of our face. But at times, we don't how much highlighter is enough and hence, we end up looking like a disco ball. Yes, highlighter is great, but applying too much of any product not only spoils the look, but it also gives us a dull look. 


And if you are someone who swears by highlighter when it comes to makeup, then here are few highlighter mistakes you should try and avoid, and if you make them, then here's how you should fix it. 


Applying it in the wrong places:


When it comes to the application of highlighter, it's usually applied to the areas that reflect light naturally. Apply highlighter on your cheekbones, on the bridge of your nose which makes it look slimmer and the inner corner of your eyes. And in to achieve the glow, use the right-angled brush. 


Quantity is the key:


Yes, we all want to shimmer and shine, but applying too much of anything is going to make you look bad and not the other way around. When it comes to the application of highlighter, the key is finding out when to stop. It’s always better to build and then do a few look tests on your phone or check the lighting. You could also use a liquid highlighter, which will help you reduce the usage. 


Wrong shade:


This is one common mistake that we all tend to make while using makeup. If you think your highlighter looks muddy or sticky then you might be using the wrong shade of highlighter. Next time, when you plan to purchase a highlighter remember that fairer skin tones should opt for bright highlighters, medium tones should opt for rose-gold to champagne shades, while dusky tones should pick apricot and bronze tones. 


The base isn't perfect:


To make your highlighter shine, you need to start with the primer first. Primer ensures that all your other products including the highlighter stays in place and prevents your skin from looking oily. Apart from this, using the right foundation is equally important. If you feel that your highlighter is not blending well, pick a liquid foundation and mix with a liquid highlighter.


Next time when you use the highlighter, keep these things in mind. 

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