THESE are the Korean beauty hacks which are a must-try

Published on Aug 17, 2019 04:50 PM IST  |  4.6M
THESE are the Korean beauty hacks which are a must-try
THESE are the Korean beauty hacks which are a must-try

Korean beauty products and skincare routine have become supremely popular with time. American skincare companies like Clinique are investing in Korean beauty brands because of their quality products. The flawless skin of K-pop stars and the Koreans, in general, have made us curious about their skincare rituals. It is not just about the products or the brands they use, its more about the skin-preserving methods and techniques that give them such perfect skin. Almost everyone in Korea has a perfect smooth baby skin and here are some beauty hacks that can achieve smooth and flawless skin. So if you are inspired by the Koreans just like I am then you must check out these hacks right away!

1. Air Dry your face


Most of us don't even realise how much bacteria builds on our bath towels. And those bacteria can easily damage our skin. So it is better to ditch the towel and let your skin air dry after a shower. It might take longer for sure, but the results are worth the wait. Try it regularly, and witness the results yourself.

2. Massage your skin


Koreans are all up for face massages. Face massages are a ritual that they follow daily. Massaging your face while applying moisturizer can improve the health of your skin. Using circular motions, rub moisturizers into the skin to increase blood flow.

3. Mouth Exercise


Now this might sound quite bizarre, but Koreans believe that this improves blood circulation and brightness of the skin. Making faces while rendering vowels engages the muscles in your face to tighten skin and also prevents sagging.

4. Consume Barley Tea


Koreans swear by the barley tea. Barley tea is rich in antioxidants and also improves blood circulation. Roasted barley tea is served to Korean babies from birth to strengthen their skin and overall well-being.

5. Oil your lips


At night, always apply some olive, avocado or coconut oil on your lips. They give your lips a natural rose tint with zero stickiness.

6. Use overnight sleeping mask


Night sleep helps our skin to recover naturally and hence adding a sleeping mask acts like a super boost to the tired skin. It hydrates your skin overnight and helps you achieve smooth skin.

Found these hacks useful? Then use them right away to achieve beautiful skin just like your favourite K-pop stars.