THESE beauty hacks are just what we need for the upcoming New Year's Eve

New years bash is just around the corner and we all need some easy and basic makeup, skincare and beauty hack to look our best on new years eve while we dance and welcome 2020.
THESE beauty hacks are just what we need for the upcoming New Year's Eve
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The new year is almost here and as we go from 2019 to 2020, we all want to celebrate it with a big blast. We all wait eagerly for new years to celebrate the beginning of a new time and we start everything from a new slate! But a big new years bash means we all need to look our best and we never miss out on new years shopping. We try to pick out one of the most beautiful or gorgeous outfits to start our year in the most fashionable manner but at the same time it's also important to ensure that your hair doesn't look like a birds nest and your skin doesn't look cracked, especially since it's wintertime. Other than just preventing these problems, we also need some last-minute beauty hacks to handle such issues when new years party is just around the corner.


Here are some beauty hacks to ensure that you have shiny tresses and radiant skin and your makeup are on point when you step out on new years eve!

1. Our skin needs to be prepped for the party season and the best way to do it is to follow the simple steps of skincare. Start by cleansing your skin and then exfoliating it. Exfoliate your skin with a homemade scrub if possible and if not you can simply use something off the racks that suit your skin the best. You can also consult your dermatologist to get the best scrub for your skin type. If you have oily skin, you can use salicylic acid and if you have dry skin, you can go with glycolic acid. Salicylic acid removes dark spots and makes your skin more radiant while glycolic acid reduces fine lines and hydrates your skin. This helps prep your skin for toning and moisturising which in turn benefits your skin the most. Follow the CTM routine before you start with your makeup.

2. Use cold tea bags or frozen steel spoons or cucumber slices to reduce dark circles and puffiness and make your eyes look fresh.

3. Pamper your skin with a refreshing face mask made out of rose water, honey and milk powder. Apply it for 20 minutes and wash with cold water on the morning of New year's eve. This will help your skin look radiant.

4. Remember that your outfit needs to look streamlined. This means that you need to avoid using any coordinating colours. Your makeup shades should be the same as your outfit or else neutral shades like gold or black or brown.

5. New years is the best time to go all bold and glittery so, don't shy away from wearing that shimmery sequined dress or pulling out your sizzling and glamorous glittery outfit and don't shy away from using these shades in your makeup as well.

6. While we don't always need a primer, it's always nice to use one on an occasion like this. Use a good face, lip and eyelid primer to cover your pores and prevent oiliness. This will give your face a smooth look and a good base.

7. Go with a 24-hour waterproof foundation. This ensures that your foundation won't rub off easily at the crazy New year bash. Don't forget that your beauty blender is as important as your foundation. A good beauty blender will do the job well.

8. Preferably pick a bold liquid highlighter. You want your face to look bright and dramatically highlighted cheeks look the best. Blend your highlighter and blusher in the outward and upward motion for the best look. Also, you can always use the same shades for the rest of your makeup for a streamlined look.

9. Avoid light lip colours and pick bold and bright colours like red, plum, dark pink or hot pink or amber colours. Use a darker shade of lip liner for your lips and shape them well before you fill them in. Go for a smudge-free lipstick for a long-lasting look.

10. You can always go for a smokey look for your eyes and blend your eyeliner but if you want to add some colour to your smokey look, add some gold glitter and blend the shades a little.

11. Don't forget to pay attention to your hair as well. Spend some time in styling your hair and use a good heat protectant as well as a good anti-frizz spray.

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