THESE secret Korean haircare tips are all you need to have silky, smooth hair

Korean Beauty techniques have been getting popular more than ever and these haircare secrets will change the game forever!
THESE secret Korean haircare tips are all you need to have silky, smooth hair
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Korean Beauty or K-beauty is what the world likes to call it has become immensely popular in the recent past. The 10-step Korean skincare routine has left everyone in awe while redefining all the clear skin goals. Over the past few months, we’ve extensively talked about K-beauty skincare and now it’s time to reveal the secrets behind their silky, luscious mane. Here are some tips and tricks Koreans use to get a gorgeous mane:

- Moroccan hair oil is one of the biggest kept haircare secrets. While the oil is getting immensely popular in the past few years, we’re here to tell you all the benefits of it. It helps restore the lost moisture and hydrates the hair to bring back the lost shine and lustre. 

- Just like our skin needs pampering every few days, the hair also has the same needs. You need to pamper your hair with an overnight mask every few days to deal with the effect of pollution and the changing weather.

- Koreans swear by saving their skin and hair from the harmful effect of the sun. always make sure to carry a scarf or a hat to save your tresses from the UV rays that can easily damage and ruin the natural colour and texture of your hair. 

- Scalp massaging is one of the most important steps in their haircare routine. They believe that the more your massage your hair, the more the roots get stronger. Massaging also increases the blood circulation to the scalp, in turn, boosting hair growth. 

- A vinegar rinse is a last and most important step to haircare. Diluting vinegar in a mug of water and rinsing the hair with it has additional benefits. It manages the pH levels of teh hair and scalp and makes it more manageable. It also keeps it oil-free for a long while. 

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Anonymous 4 weeks ago

So good

Anonymous 6 months ago

It's not just any vinegar, you should have specified which vinegar. Irs apple cider vinegar with the "mother", meaning it will have a hazy look at the bottom of the bottle which you have to shake before using. I hope people don't read this and try it with regular white vinegar.

Anonymous 6 months ago

Thank you for this amazing article. I was searching an article from a long time .now I am glad.