Tired of dealing with your hair problems? Here we have 10 Best hair oils for every hair type

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Tired of dealing with your hair problems? Here we have 10 Best hair oils for every hair type
Tired of dealing with your hair problems? Here we have 10 Best hair oils for every hair type

Natural hair oils are the best and most suitable for healthy hair growth. They can be applied directly on the hair as well as the skin. Even certain essential oils have numerous qualities that help nourish and strengthen the hair. With the increase in the number of people opting for healthier lifestyles, including adopting organic products, a similar shift in trend is visible even in the beauty industry. Due to the raging increase in the available options, people are confused about choosing the best hair oil to suit their needs. Here we have curated a list of the best hair oils that not only bestow an amazing fragrance but also contain enriching properties that will benefit your hair and solve all your hair problems. 


Coconut Hair Oil 

Coconut oil is suitable for every hair type, but it is particularly recommended for those with damaged, dry, and lifeless hair. It repairs brittle hair and prevents split-ends. Also, those with slower hair growth can use it to enhance the rate of hair growth. The moisturising properties of coconut oil will provide suppleness and softness to the hair making it easily manageable. It even protects the hair against heat damage and promotes hair growth. 



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Brigandi Hair Oil 

Brigandi hair oil could be used by anyone who faces excess hair loss. Even dandruff and dry hair could be prevented from the usage of this oil. It also prevents premature graying of hair. This oil prevents hair fall by strengthening the roots of the hair. It possesses antifungal and antibacterial properties that prevent scalp infections. 



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Sweet Almond Hair Oil 

Sweet almond hair oil is suitable for those with dry, damaged, and dandruff prone hair. It is also suggested for those with hair loss and slow hair growth. This oil can moisturise and protect the hair from environmental pollutants. It would even prevent hair loss and breakage of hair strands. It aids in longer and thicker hair growth. 



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Olive Hair Oil 

Those who are dandruff prone or have dull and damaged hair would benefit from olive oil. This oil protects the hair from environmental pollutants. It repairs damage caused by heat and dyes. If you are looking for a hair oil that could boost hair growth and, at the same time, protect your hair, olive oil would be a great option. It leaves the hair feeling smoother, sleeker and healthier. 



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Grapeseed Hair Oil 

Those facing massive hair loss and stunted hair growth would find relief using grapeseed hair oil. It conditions and moisturises the hair, hence would work wonders with dry hair as well. It encourages a healthy and robust growth of hair. It also works against split-ends formation and reduces frizziness. It stops the production of DHT which is a hormone that yields hair loss. 



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Sesame Hair Oil 

This oil benefits those who face premature graying. It is beneficial for individuals facing hair fall and hair lice related issues as well. This oil contains properties that can darken your hair and resist free radicals’ buildup as it is packed with antioxidants. It works like a protective coat against UV rays by using it as a sun-blocking agent. 



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Argan Hair Oil 

Those with frizzy hair, dry and brittle hair would find optimum benefits while utilizing argan hair oil, especially if your hair is prone to frequent heat-based styling. It is also suitable for those with greasy hair. This oil softens the hair without leaving any greasy or sticky residue. It diminishes dandruff and dry scalp. It protects the hair from UV rays and heat as well. It contains moisturising properties making the hair manageable along with imparting a lustrous shine. 



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Jojoba Hair Oil 

Those with dry hair, damaged hair strands would benefit using jojoba oil, making the hair knot-free and more manageable. It even prevents dandruff formation and eliminates dry scalp related issues. It stimulates thicker, stronger, and longer hair growth. This oil enhances the hair’s luster without making the hair feel heavy or greasy. It contains a vitamin B complex that allows it to maintain the hair’s texture, colour, and even strength. 



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Lavender Essential Oil 

Lavender essential oil is suitable for every other hair type. It is explicitly useful for those with oily hair in the front and back regions but dry scalp in other areas. This oil promotes hair growth and possesses no side-effects. It is known to moisturise the hair and can even balance the sebum production. Also, the oil aroma can relieve one from stress, which is often a cause of hair loss. 



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Lemongrass Essential Oil 

Lemongrass oil is suitable for all hair types. It would specifically suit those facing hair loss and dandruff related issues. This oil possesses anti-fungal properties that alleviate dandruff and dry scalp. It could even inhibit dandruff caused by yeast. It prevents loss of hair and gives it a healthy shine. 



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