TOP 3 things that are the root cause of excessive hairloss

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TOP 3 things that are the root cause of excessive hairloss

We're all looking for ways to deal with haircare and skincare issues. While some are dealing with acne, others are struggling with hair fall. While hair fall is a major issue most of us face, we often resort to remedies to help deal with it. But, have you ever thought of rectifying the things you're doing wrong. Sometimes, dealing with an issue requires you to visit the root problem instead of just using topical solutions. So, to give you a better understanding of what could be creating your hair to fall, we have a list of 3 issues you need to tackle. 

Scalp care

One of the most important things to take care is your scalp. It is where the roots of your hair lie and if it's dirty or filled with dry, flakey skin or dandruff, that's where the problem lies. A lot of people with dandruff deal with hair fall issues and it is because of the bacterial overgrowth that takes place on your scalp. Even if you have an oily scalp, it can be prone to sticking dirt and grime which clogs the hair follicles. If you're dealing with hair fall, the first thing to make sure is to keep the scalp clean. 

Excessive heat

Heat is one of the worst things you can make your hair and scalp go through. While it ends up frying your hair, it also damages the root which is the scalp. Excessive heat can end up drying up the scalp. It makes the moisture and essential waters evaporate making it dry. These dry cells end up shutting the hair follicles and thus resulting in hair fall and reduced hair growth. 

Issues from within

Hormones have a great impact on both your skin and hair. Hormonal changes or unbalanced hormones can lead to excessive hairless or even baldness. Not just hormones, the food you eat and the things you consume (cigarettes or drugs) can also lead to hairloss. 

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