TOP 5 Skincare tips to keep in mind before going to bed

It is important to keep your skin hydrated before going to bed. For more such tips read on
TOP 5 Skincare tips to keep in mind before going to bed
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As fancy as a nighttime skincare routine sounds, let us tell you that it has been hyped because it works. Nighttime is the only time where just like your body, even your skin gets a rest. No kind of pollution, sunlight or dirt will affect it and it's imperative to make the most of this time and give the best of the ingredients to your skin. Here are a few essential tips to keep in mind before going to bed:

1. Make sure to get rid of all the excess oil, dirt, grime, makeup and dead skin cells present in your skin. Going to bed with a dirty face will only irritate the skin more. Adding to it, the dirt, makeup and oil turn into a gooey mixture which ends up clogging the pores resulting in acne and pimples. We cannot stress enough on how important it is to wash your face. 

2. As we said, you have 8 hours of sleep, so this is the best time to let the skin absorb all the goodness of ingredients. Make sure to use serum, and vitamins on your face that will deep into your skin and help you wake up with the glowing face. 

3. Moisturise well before going to bed. If your skin is moisturised well, it will have time to deal with other skin issues without actually looking for hydration all night long. 

4. If you have oily skin or acne-prone skin, make sure to change your pillowcases often. Your cases might be home to collect bacteria and instead of trying to let your skin breathe at night, dirty pillowcases will only worsen the problem. 

5. Lastly, your lips are an important part of your face and it's important to keep them moisturised and hydrated. Make sure to invest in a good sleeping mask that will keep your lips soft and supple. 

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