Top dermatologist Dr Geetika shares beauty HACKS for anti ageing and how to age gracefully

Looking for beauty hacks to age gracefully and avoid dark circles under your eyes? Look no further as Dr Geetika, a top dermatologist reveals some beauty secrets for anti-ageing and understanding your skin type.
Top dermatologist Dr Geetika shares beauty HACKS for anti ageing and how to age gracefully
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Ageing gracefully is more about having healthy skin than keeping wrinkles at bay. Wrinkles and face lines forming on your face is inevitable, but what we can do to prevent those? Dr Geetika recently shared with us some beauty hacks to age gracefully and how we can get better with age and with the right care.

It all starts with understanding your skin type and to do that, you need to consult the right dermatologist and keep your skin problems at bay. To know more about beauty hacks for anti-ageing, know what Dr Geetika had to say:

1. Understand your skin type

The first and most important beauty hack is to know your skin type. Get your skin tested by a dermatologist and know what type of skin you have. Whether it is oily, dry or normal and buy your products accordingly.

2. Buy products that suit your skin

After knowing your skin type, invest in skincare products that suit your skin. 

3. Stick to a good sunscreen

This goes without saying, buy a good sunscreen that suits your skin type and stick around. Wear sunscreen even during winters when it is less sunny.

4. Remove makeup before sleeping

Another important thing to remember before sleeping is to remove makeup. No matter how tired you may feel, wash your face and remove the foundation to avoid getting acne. Try to avoid face wipes for removing makeup.

5. Get sufficient sleep

Beauty sleep is not a myth and it is important as an overnight skin regime really helps. It is when your body is rested and your products will work wonders at night making your skin glow the following day. You can also use cucumber slices to remove dark circles and puffiness from your face.

6. Drink plenty of water

Keep yourself hydrated and drink enough water. This removes the puffiness and makes your skin glow.

7. Avoid sugar

Avoid sugar as it is your worst enemy when it comes to ageing. Your body should be alkaline and have a balanced diet. Avoid excess of smoking too.

8. Follow a nutritional diet

For healthy and glowing skin, make sure you are getting proper nutrients in your body, Your body growth depends on the nutrients and vitamins it absorbs that reflects on your face too.

Listen to the full conversation about overall health and wellness here:

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