Treat scalp and hair woes with the concept of ‘Skinification'

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Treat scalp and hair woes with the concept of ‘Skinification'

Often one tends to dream of having luscious skin and hair. It appears to be a good idea, but it also seems to be problematic if one fails to provide the necessary TLC. Making weekends about revelling in a skin or hair mask doesn’t suffice. While following a stringent skincare routine is popularised, how about a targeted care for your scalp and hair health? Here’s where the theory of ‘skinification of hair’ needs to be incorporated into your daily beauty routine. 

Skinification emphasizes the importance of maintaining scalp and hair health that demands you to keep it clean from toxins and buildup that can lead to congestion and bog down the growth of your hair. Keeping your scalp healthy will help stimulate hair growth and prevent infections which are key to achieve “a good hair day” selfie. With a host of scalp-friendly ingredients and fuss-free formulas, a ritual for your scalp and hair can be born.


1) Whip up a hair mask with aloe vera, coconut oil, vitamin E capsule, and diluted apple cider vinegar. Combine them and apply the hair mask 30 minutes before your shower time. 

2) Follow up with a deep-cleansing step. Use a shampoo infused with Bentonite clay or Activated charcoal to help control sebum, suck out grime, and clarify your hair roots. 

3) Note: Do not apply conditioner to your scalp. Use a conditioner on your hair tips to help enhance nourishment, prevent dryness, and tackle frizz. Look for conditioners made with eggs, honey, jojoba oil, and olive oil to deliver a heavy dose of hydration. 

4) Spray a good amount of leave-on serum to help enhance shine and soften your hair. Ingredient picks: aloe vera, rose water, salicylic acid, and grapeseed oil.

5) Regular usage of a scalp and hair mist/sunscreen spray with broad-spectrum SPF can help protect your hair from sun damage and pesky pollutants. 

6) Weekly tip for your scalp and hair: Slather and nourish with oils consisting of ingredients like fenugreek, onion, almond, castor, and coconut.

Do you follow a rigid hair care routine? Let us know in the comments below. 

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