The ULTIMATE five step makeup routine under five minutes for flawless skin every single day

On some mornings, you have just a few minutes to spare. Check out these simple beauty and makeup fixes that will make it seem like you did extensive makeup.
The ULTIMATE five step makeup routine under five minutes for flawless skin every single day
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Looking flawless is not easy. Most mornings, it requires setting everything from hair to makeup and in between picking out the perfect outfit for the day, sometimes makeup and beauty tends to take a backseat. Sure, there are multiple products to use even at the last minute, but how to pick which is most important? How to ace the natural look when you want those two extra minutes of sleep and eventually run late? 
If you are not blessed with flawless skin and looking great every day requires some effort, read on to know how to achieve the look in less than five minutes. 

Literally every makeup expert swears by creating a flawless base for your makeup to sit on. "It is very important to set your face with a good primer no matter how much makeup you are applying. It is the best way to get the right complexion before the first drop of makeup hits your face," says Hina Antule, founder of makeup brand 25o2. 

Eye Cream
The area around your eyes ages much faster than the rest of your face and it needs to become a priority in every makeup routine. Ensure you pat on an adequate amount of eye cream to give the area the protection it needs from the makeup that will sit on the area. It also helps in removing the appearance of fine lines. 

A good concealer is one of the best investments. The best part about them is that they can be doubled as foundations (when used sparingly) and are perfect to cover up those acne marks, dark circles and everything else. "A lot of us ignore the most obvious spot to cover up - the pigmentation around our mouth. While concealing the most obvious acne spots and under-eye area, concealing around the dark areas of the mouth should also not be skipped," adds Hina who is also a makeup artist. 

Fill in brows
One of the most basic and essential quick fixes to look make it seem like you have everything put together is to fill in your brows. It gives the basic makeup a well-rounded look. Most makeup artists suggest not stepping out without filling in the brows, no matter how thick or scanty they are. 

Setting powder 
Nothing quite does the job like setting powder. The translucent one doesn't really change the colour of the foundation and is perfect to keep makeup in place while ensuring the skin is still matte. 

And voila! The five-step makeup process should not take more than five minutes. With a dash of mascara and a dab of lip tint, you are good to go and take on the day looking fresh-faced. 

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