The ultimate guide to achieving a perfect ‘no makeup’ makeup look easily!

Updated on Aug 19, 2021 10:05 PM IST  |  239.3K
The ultimate guide to achieving a perfect ‘no makeup’ makeup look easily!
The ultimate guide to achieving a perfect ‘no makeup’ makeup look easily!

Makeup that doesn’t look like we are wearing that an existential beauty crisis? Not quite - believe us when we say that it’s totally a thing! In a post-pandemic era, one of the biggest beauty trends is to stay as authentic as possible, which is part of the reason why the trend of ‘no makeup’ makeup look is back and here to stay! Have you seen Deepika Padukone’s effortless makeup? It really does look like she isn’t wearing any, but creating that kind of a look takes far more practice and patience than a glamorous, full coverage one!

A ‘no makeup’ makeup look is essentially a misnomer - you still need makeup products, even if the objective is to make it seem like there were none involved. This kind of look aims to make it look like you’re not wearing any makeup while providing sufficient coverage by keeping the base as minimal as possible. Think clean, hydrated base and natural neutral tones to subtly accentuate your features. It certainly does away with layers of heavy products!

Although makeup will always look like makeup, there’s nothing stopping us from making it look and feel like second skin! Apart from a good skincare routine, here are some tips and products to achieve the perfect ‘no makeup’ makeup look without any hassle! 

1. Light coverage

It’s no secret that a full coverage foundation is a thick formulation, and will be visible on the skin, and concealers all over the face is an even worse idea! To achieve a natural, ‘no makeup’ makeup look, it is essential that you steer clear of heavy products and keep your base minimal. 

On freshly cleansed, toned and moisturised skin, apply a lightweight BB cream instead of foundation. Use this one with mousse-like texture and SPF protection to avoid the step of applying sunscreen, which actually makes your makeup peel and crack more often. 


SUGAR Cosmetics Goddess of Flawless BB Cream - SPF 30+

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If you feel like BB cream is just not enough coverage for you to feel comfortable as of now, you should try a natural-finish cushion foundation such as this one. It has a medium coverage, lightweight and CC cream formula which when buffed well, is guaranteed to give a flawless, non-cakey finish!


Rsentera Natural Cushion Foundation

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2. Strategic concealer

Now, concealers are heavy products so you should not use it in abundance for this kind of a look. The aim is to brighten certain areas of the face. For best results, we need to be strategic about where to apply concealer and how much to use. The inner corners of the eyes, on each side of the nostrils and the corners of the mouth are recommended areas.


Maybelline New York Instant Age Rewind Concealer

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However, most of us do have marks on our skin that make us truly human. If you wish to conceal those, use a colour correcting palette such as this one, and then apply little dots of concealer, blend and then build up as required.


Insight Cosmetics Pro Corrector Palette

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3. Contouring (which is actually ‘sculpting’)

Heavy, Kardashian-style contouring using dark powders is out for 2021. How to accentuate your cheekbones now, you ask? Well, creamy, lightweight contouring sticks are in, and their minimum usage is being called ‘sculpting’ these days.

Use this velvety, lightweight and creamy-matte finish contour stick to make lines on the lower part of your cheekbones, just below the outer corners of your jawline and the upper part of the bridge of your nose. Remember to use a light hand to do so, and blend really well!


SUGAR Cosmetics Face FWD Contour Stick - 01 Fawn First

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4. Natural flushed tones

This is the step where your makeup begins to look like your skin. Creating a naturalistic flushed tone on your base makeup is like the cherry on the cake - it gives you the liveliness and healthy appearance of youth!

The ideal way to do this is to use one creamy tint in a natural blush tone and apply it on the lips, cheekbones and even a little on the eyelids! Use your fingers to gently dab on and blend the product. Remember to use little amounts, not all at once - you can always gradually build up, but you can’t take it back. 


Daughter Earth Vegan Lip and Cheek Tint - Original Pink

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5. Accentuate but don’t overdo the eye region

Now this applies to your eye makeup as well as eyebrows when attempting a ‘no makeup’ makeup look - don’t overdo it! This means only filling in the gaps in your brows and brushing through them for a natural look, not necessarily shaping them using pigments. This is why a tinted brow mascara such as this one does the best job -


Nyx Professional Tinted Brow Mascara - Brown

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To make your eyes appear naturally shaped and just the right amount of subtle smoky, use a brown kohl on the outer corners of the eyelids and blend it slightly upwards and outwards. Line your lower lash with a nude kajal pencil, and use one layer of curling mascara for the best results!


Chambor Extreme Eyes Kohl Pencil - Golden Brown

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Deborah Milano Velvet Kajal Pencil - Butter

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Lakmé Eyeconic Curling Mascara - Black

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