The ULTIMATE skincare routine you need while soaking under the summer sun during beach vacations

A beach vacation on your mind? Here are all the products you need to carry to keep your skin safe from the sun. Check it out
The ULTIMATE skincare routine you need while soaking under the summer sun during beach vacations
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Summers and beach vacations go hand in hand but so does the summer heat and suntan. While you’ve spent most of last year at home taking care of your skin, you do not want to throw it all away just because you’re going on a vacation after a long time. On a regular day, layering of 5-7 products does not sound like a task but when you’re going to the beach with the sun shining over your head, you do not want layers of products piling up on your face. Not to forget the sandy wind that does end up making things worse for your skin. 

While it is necessary to pick out a sunscreen that works the best for your skin, you also have to consider the amount of dryness that your skin will face. The sun and the sand isn’t a good combination when it comes to your skin which is why a good skincare routine for the beach is of utmost importance. 


Your skin needs hydration so right after you cleanse your face let your toner work its magic. Toners help in tightening the pores while also hydrating the upper layer of the skin. Using toners like rose water and green tea as face mists throughout the day can also help in keeping the dryness at bay. 


Just because it’s summer does not mean you need to skin your moisturiser. It not only helps lock in the moisture but also works as a barrier against the dry humid air which in turn keeps your skin soft and supple. While we know that layering products are not a good thing especially on the beach which is why ditching the rest of your serums for a lightweight moisturiser can easily prove to be beneficial. 


You cannot miss using a good amount of sunscreen on the beach. Make sure you pick one that has SPF 30 and above and works well to work as a barrier between the harmful UV rays of the sun. Using sunscreen sprays or moisturisers with SPF is not recommended here. You need a thick oily layer that does not get dissolved in the water and help your skin stay protected all day long. 

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