Undereye bags? Here's how to deflate them super quickly to look fresh as a daisy

For some, eight hours of sleep never seems enough. Dark circles and undereye bags never seem to let you go, and we have multiple remedies and hacks - read below!
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You get at your 8 hours of sleep every night but those wretched under eye bags and dark circles refuse to budge. Every morning when you head to work, the first thing you hear is, "oh god, you look so tired!" or "why do you always look exhausted?" 

But it is time you understand that dark circles and puffy eyes are not under your control. It just means that the area under your eyes has less circulation and number of other things like loose skin, too much alcohol or salt or even medical conditions. 

Want to get rid of dark circles and those under eye bags? Follow the simple remedies below. 

Dry brush

Every morning, treat yourself with a facial massage just before getting ready for the day. All you need to do, is use a dry brush to move around the fluid under your eyes. Use upward sweeping motions to ensure the fluid is constantly moving. 

Cool down your face

After brushing the area under your eyes, you will need to cool down the area. Think cucumbers, cooled tea bags or even a cooling mask for a quick fix. 

Massage your face

As mentioned earlier, the area below your eyes is super sensitive and needs intensive care. A massage before you hit the bed in the night will help in improving the blood circulation and reducing the dark spots around the eyes, helping you look more awake and alive. 

Skin protection

The sun's rays are extremely harsh and hurtful to the skin and can darken it very easily. The area beneath the eyes is even more sensitive as it is extremely thin and can get dark very easily. The trick here, is to apply sunscreen to protect this sensitive area!

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