Want to colour your hair? Know THESE side effects before you do it

Before you opt for hair colour, find out about the side effects of colouring your hair and prevent the permanent damage it could do to your hair and scalp.
Want to colour your hair? Know THESE side effects before you do it
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We love a little change every now and then. The best way to make a fun change in your life is to add a pop of colour to your hair. Changing your hair colour every now and then to match your moods and phases in life is more fun than you'd have ever imagined, but you cannot ignore the fact that changing hair colours can take a toll on your hair. Hair colours have side effects that are harmful to your hair. There's nothing wrong with experimenting with your hair, but you cannot ignore the fact that your hair too needs some time to heal after a harsh chemical treatment. You may not notice the impact of the harsh chemicals immediately but over time you will notice the impact of it. Your hair suffers from the painful process of colouring and recolouring. So, before you call up your hairstylist to book another hair colour appointment, take a step back and rethink your decision and ponder over the side effects of this fun hair treatment.

Here are the side effects of colouring your hair that you should know about.

1. Hair colouring requires pre-lightening the hair. In order to strip your hair of its original colour, the hairstylist will use bleach or a pre-lightening mixture. This is followed by the process of hair colouring which contains numerous chemicals. This process contains so many chemicals that it impacts your hair. It strips your hair of its natural moisture and oil and makes it rough and dry. You may also lose the natural shine of your hair. Brittle hair is one side effect of hair colouring.

2. Hair colours and the other products that are used before colouring and the ones that are used for aftercare contain a number of ingredients that may cause an allergic reaction. It is essential to do a patch test before you go for a hair colour appointment or you may end up with red and swollen scalp and rashes. It can also lead to an itchy scalp.

3. The chemicals involved in the process impact the hair and weaken the hair follicles from the roots itself. This may increase hair breakage and hair fall. Brace yourself for it.

4. The hair dyes and bleaches contain chemicals that could impact your skin and make you more vulnerable to allergies and inhaling the fumes and exposure to such chemicals over a prolonged period can cause asthma.

5. Constant use of chemicals on your hair can lead to enlarged pores which can be damaging for your hair. This weakens the hair for a long period of time and allows chemicals in the colours to seep in and damage the hair even more. It may also lead to hair discolouration. 

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