Want fuller lips like Priyanka Chopra? Here’s how to get them NATURALLY with products from your makeup bag

The beauty mogul and the global star are known for their plump and full lips. Want to enhance your lips like theirs? Read on!
Beauty,priyanka chopra lips,full lips,how to get full lipsWant fuller lips like Priyanka Chopra? Here’s how to get them NATURALLY
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Attaining full lips like your favourite celebrities, is not an easy task. Many celebrities opt for things like lip plumpers and fillers to do the trick. But that doesn’t make their lips any less appealing. But there are ways to get these envious lips even at home, with all the products you own! Here’s how you can get them!

First up, get rid of all the dead skin from your lips. Dry lips don’t reflect light and cracks on the skin makes them look thinner and uncared for.

Use an exfoliating lip scrub or make one at home with just sugar and honey and scrub it on your lips.

After washing this off, your lips will instantly feel and look better. Apply lip balm and let your lips soak this in.

Use makeup to make your lips seem bigger than you are. Pick out a lip pencil that matches your skin shade and create a subtle shadow just a little outside your lips. Fill your lips with the liner.

Then apply a generous coat of lipstick and top it off with some lip gloss in the centre of your lips.

Use concealer on the outer edges of your lipstick and blend it well with the rest of the makeup on your face. This will definitely make your lips pop and seem bigger than they are.

Add a dust of shimmer to your cupid’s bow and at the centre of your lower lip to give them a filler and plumpier look.

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If that is how she gets hers, she needs to stop.

her mom's clinic???

who wants her lip? no one is ready to go under the knife.

Natural ? Bleached face, blotched nose. Bloated lips. She is transforming into lady Michael Jackson.

What?lik y’all know that homegirl literally has fillers right?

Just go get yourself regular lip fillers just like she did and does

you mean baboon lips like her no thank you

Fuller lips like Priyanka? Yuck no thanks!!

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