Want to get your hair smoothened? THESE are the side effects you need to know about

Changing the natural structure of your hair does not come easy and there's a price that you may end up paying that's not really worth it. No one wants smooth and straight hair at the cost of damaging your hair and scalp.
Want to get your hair smoothened? THESE are the side effects you need to know about
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Everyone wants manageable and smooth hair but not everyone is that lucky. Smooth and straight hair is easy to manage and hassle-free. Many of us like curling our hair up but curly hair can be difficult to manage. Having curly or wavy hair can be tough because they tend to get frizzy and bad hair days have become very common. Moreover, curly hair cannot be styled easily. They're very rigid and styling takes a lot more effort. Straight hair is more manageable and easy to style. That's the reason that most women with frizzy and curly hair look for a more permanent solution. They go for permanent hair straightening or smoothening. While this makes everything a lot easier, it does have side effects. These side effects may not be worth the risk, especially since we love our hair and taking risks that may cause much more damage than expected is not worth the trouble. We'd rather pick bad hair days instead of side effects that worsen our hair condition.

Here are the side effects of hair smoothening.

1. Hair smoothening requires the usage of numerous chemical-based products and a lot of heat on your hair. Some of these chemicals are harmful to the hair and when used along with heat they can weaken the hair follicles and make hair fall and hair breakage easier. Weak hair fall detaches from the roots and fall of easily.

2. Hair smoothening includes changing the structure of your hair. The process of smoothening breaks the hair bonds and rebonds them forming the required hair structure and texture. This leads to a loss of your natural and true hair texture.

3. The numerous chemicals involved in this process can make your hair and scalp very dry after your hair has set in. Sometimes, it can also make your hair and scalp greasy in order to make up for the dryness.

4. The harsh chemicals used in the process of hair smoothing can impact your complete health. Our hair is very close to our skin, so it may impact our skin. The chemicals used may give you a skin rash or make your scalp very itchy. It can also cause blisters and make you feel nauseous or dizzy.

5. When our hair comes in constant contact with chemicals, it starts to lose its true form and strength. The heat can weaken the hair and reduce the density over time. This may increase breakage and cause hair thinning and sometimes even split ends.

6. The greasy or dry hair and scalp condition can invite dandruff. And as we all know, stubborn dandruff worsens the condition of our scalp and makes it very itchy and irritating.

7. Usage of numerous chemicals and heat can create an imbalance in our hair and scalp. The constant use of after-care products also causes premature graying of hair.

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