Want healthy and happy lips? Here are some ways to achieve it

We all need a lip care routine because having chapped lips regularly is not so much fun; Read on
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We love our lips and we love our lipsticks but no lipstick ever looks good on unhealthy lips. The skin on our lips is very sensitive and thin and it needs more care than the rest of our skin. We often end up with cracked or chapped lips because we failed to take good care of them. As much as we’d love to have plump and pink lips that’s not always possible if we fail to take care of them. Most of us take very good care of our skin and have a regular skincare routine to ensure that we have healthy skin but we tend to ignore our lips. Every time they feel dry or chapped, we simply use a lip balm for instant relief and that’s about it. But our lips need more love and care and a good lip care routine. Here are some things that you can do to take proper care of your lips and keep them healthy and plump and happy.


1. If your lips feel dry and dehydrated don’t lick them. The saliva may provide temporary relief but as soon as it dries it’ll make them even drier and they may crack easily causing more pain. Instead, try to hydrate yourself. Drink lots of water and increase your fluid intake in order to hydrate your body and skin.

2. Exfoliate your lips regularly by using a homemade lip scrub. Mix a little honey with a little bit of sugar and apply it on your lips. Now massage your lips for a minute or two and wash it off. This removes the dead skin cells and the massaging helps improve the blood circulation.

3. Moisturize your lips properly. Use natural ingredients to do so. Apply a little coconut oil or ghee on your lips when they feel dry. It’s better than using a chemical-based product. If you do use a lip balm, try to use one that has lesser ingredients and chemicals.

4. Use home remedies to lighten your lips. Avoid using beauty products. Go natural on your lips and apply a mixture of coconut oil and lime. Lime has natural bleaching qualities and coconut oil keeps your lips moisturized.

5. Beetroot tends to stain your skin but it’s great for your lips. Apply a mixture of beetroot juice and honey and leave it on your lips overnight. This will soften your lips and make them pink and healthy.

6. Your lips also need protection from the UV rays, probably more than your skin because they’re much more sensitive. Use a lip balm with SPF when you step out in the sun.

7. Don’t apply lipstick on dry lips. Moisturize it before you do so.

8. Don’t forget to remove your lipstick before going to bed. Sleeping with makeup on is not good for your skin or your lips.

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