Want to stand out in the crowd in 2020? Follow THESE tips for flawless makeup

Still not finished partying? Check out these makeup tips to follow the trend in 2020.
Want to stand out in the crowd in 2020? Follow THESE tips for flawless makeup
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New Year’s party is not meant to be for 31st night only. We are still in the party mood. And when it comes to a party, then makeup is the prime thing that a woman gets tensed about. Perfect makeup is all you need to have with your perfect party outfit. A tiny makeup mistake can make everything go wrong, so you need to be very careful about it to have the perfect makeup for your party outing. 2019 introduced many makeup tips to us, some of which are still in trend and some are bizarre. Now, it's time for a change in the new year and to check what does 2020 has in stores. So, we have come with some makeup tips to make you grab attention in 2020. Go through the tips well before getting ready for your party. 

A hydrating primer

For flawless makeup, we need to first hydrate our face so that the makeup will lock in moisture. And a good hydrating primer can do that work on our skin. So, opt for a branded hydrating primer to prep up your skin well.

A darker shade of foundation

While buying a foundation, you can choose a shade, which is darker than your tone. This trick will especially help older women. 

Use of BB cream

Always apply BB cream before applying makeup to prepare your skin for makeup products. If the dark spots are more visible, then apply CC cream instead of BB.

The right application of foundation

Always use a brush to blend the foundation well. Fingers cannot blend it well, as a result, the skin doesn't look smooth. And never use a wet blender as it pushes the foundation down the skin making the skin look dull.

Use of face powder

Face powder is not a good idea for aged women as it makes the fine lines more visible. So, older women should avoid face powder during makeup. They should also apply highlighter on the T-zone to hide the wrinkles. 


is face powder good for young ladies?

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