Want sun kissed skin? THESE easy bronzer hacks will help you with it

Love the vacation tan, but can't keep it for long? Don't worry we've got you covered with this one. Here's how using a bronzer can help you achieve a sun-kissed look. Follow these hacks and get the look all year long.
Want sun kissed skin? THESE easy bronzer hacks will help you with it
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The best part about the vacation is the tan look that we get. We all love the vacation tan since it adds a more natural glow to our face. But then eventually, once we get back to our normal life that tan goes away and we start looking like our old self. But some people always manage to look like they've just come from a trip. No, they don't always go on a trip, but they do this to maintain their sun-kissed look. They use a good bronzer to maintain that look.


From creating those perfect cheekbones to faking a sun-kissed glow, a bronzer can do it all. But before going all out there with the bronzer, here are some bronzer hacks that you should be aware of. These hacks will help you attain the glow all year long. 


Buy the right colour:


First and foremost, it's quite essential to buy the right shade of bronzer for your skin type. Some bronzers have a strong orange undertone to them and may leave you looking like a clown. Buying bronzer as per your skin type can also help you achieve the perfect look, which will be not too dark and not too bright. 


Apply at the right place:


When you're applying bronzer, you must think where the sun would hit your skin. Since your main aim is to look sun-kissed, you should apply bronzer at all correct places. If you are using a matte bronzer, then start from your forehead coming down to just a little bit under your cheekbones and completing the number 3 under your jawline. Use a fluffy brush to blend the harsh lines. If you're using a shimmer bronzer, take a brush and bronze your cheekbones and add a little bit on your nose. 


Blending is the key:


Blending your bronzer is the most important part. Take a small fluffy brush and blend your bronzer till you don't see any harsh lines. The idea here is to make your bronzer and contour look like a natural shadow. 


Glow and glam:


Want an overall glow? Take a little bit of bronzer and mix it in your body lotion. Then apply that all over your collarbones, your chest, neck and shoulders! If you're wearing a dress, feel free to bronze the front of your legs too. And there you have your perfect vacation look ready. 


Use it as a shadow:


You can also use your bronzer as an eyeshadow. Take the shimmer bronzer and dust it all over your eyelids. This eye makeup look will glorify your bronzed skin. 


So, if you are meaning to have that sun-kissed look for a while, then go ahead and create that look right away! 

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