Want thick and voluminous hair? Try to include these essential vitamins in your daily diet today

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Want thick and voluminous hair? Try to include these essential vitamins in your daily diet today
Want thick and voluminous hair? Try to include these essential vitamins in your daily diet today

"I don't suffer from hair fall"- Which woman has ever said this? Women and their hair problems seem to be never-ending. However clichéd it might sound, we go through it every day. Hair loss, hair fall, balding in spots, stunted growth- no, these problems don't just occur to men but women as well. Thick, strong hair is also one of the extremely desirous physical traits that every person not just wishes for but is important for our self-esteem as well. 

Buying expensive hair products or applying DIY hair masks won't be enough for hair growth. Poor nutrition can also cause hair loss and that is why we have to opt for a healthy diet and detoxify our bodies from within. One of the main reasons for hair fall is also due to the deficiency of vitamins along with other nutrients. Let's take a look at the vitamins essential for healthier and thicker hair.

Vitamin A

As genetic and environmental factors can contribute to hair loss, Vitamin A deficiency can also lead to hair fall. Vitamin A produces sebum that moisturises hair and keeps it healthy. Carrots, pumpkins, spinach, dairy products, eggs are rich in vitamin A that you can add to your daily diet.

Vitamin B


Vitamin B or Biotins are rich in fats and carbohydrates and are crucial for hair growth. They also improve skin and nail health. Whole grains, almonds, walnuts, meat, fish, cauliflower, peanuts, mushrooms, leafy greens are rich in vitamin B. You can also take supplements for this.

Vitamin C


Do you drink lime juice? Then that's enough. Limes are powerful antioxidants that improve iron absorption and produce collagen that revitalises hair growth. Strawberries, guavas, mangoes, tomatoes, papayas and other citrus fruits are rich in Vitamin C.

Vitamin D


Alopecia is caused mainly due to the deficiency of Vitamin D. So all you have to do is just to get yourself a daily dose of sunshine. You can also boost your vitamin D intake by adding fatty fish, cod liver oils, mushrooms to your dietary sources or by taking supplements.

Vitamin E


Vitamin E is also an essential antioxidant contributing to hair growth and shine. Vitamin E hair oils and capsules are also applied to the scalp. It also improves blood circulation and repairs damaged hair follicles. Foods like peanuts, spinach, olive oil, broccoli can improve your scalp health.

Bottom line, these are the essential vitamins that you need for boosting your hair growth. Though it cannot cure hair loss but if you start including vitamins in your food it can prevent its thinning. Moreover, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is of paramount importance.

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