Want thicker and fuller brows? Try THESE eyebrow hacks

Take care of your eyebrows and use them to define and beautify your face and bring more attention to your eyes. You can achieve all this armed with an eyebrow pencil or eyebrow tint and a brush.
Want thicker and fuller brows? Try THESE eyebrow hacks
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The only time we pay any attention to our eyebrows is when we get our eyebrows done. Threading is the only special thing we do to care for our eyebrows and beautify them. We've forgotten what our eyebrows can do for us. Our eyebrows can do wonders for our face because they bring more attention to our eyes. They help define our eyes and beautify our eyes. The brows help frame our face and also make us look younger. The fact is that most of us just don't pay attention to our eyebrows at all. Most of us don't even own an eyebrow pencil. Our eyebrows also need some grooming tricks. The right arch can change your look completely and you just need to put in a little effort to achieve the perfect arch. Other than the arch, having fuller brow makes you look prettier but not all of us are blessed with fuller brows. Most of us need to do our bit in order to achieve fuller and more beautiful brows.

Here are some hacks that can help keep your brows looking fuller.

1. Invest in a good quality eyebrow pencil or tint. Most of us end up buying basic black eyebrow pencil but that's not the right away to go. Pick an eyebrow pencil that matches your eyebrow perfectly and isn't too dark. You don't want your eyebrows looking fake.

2. Ensure that you shape your brows perfectly. They won't look full or pretty if you don't shape them well. When you do go for threading ask the lady doing it to give you a nice arch. They know how to do it.

3. When you use the eyebrow pencil, remember that you're not painting your face. Be very gentle and draw in the direction of your eyebrow hair. You can also use an eyebrow brush or a spoolie to set your eyebrows in place.

4. Bring more attention to your eyes and your brows by applying some highlighter under your eyebrows to give it a lift and an arch.

5. You can use an eyebrow tint or your eyeshadow. Apply it on your eyebrows with a brush to give it a thicker and fuller feel and tint of shade.

6. Avoid using an eyebrow pencil that has an oily feel. Use a pencil that is not sticky and gives your brows a little fluff.


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