What is the correct order to apply skincare to products? A Dermatologist opines

According to dermatologists, there is a proper order to follow when applying skincare products to get full benefits from every product.
What is the correct order to apply skincare to products? A Dermatologist opines
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There is a proper application of your skincare products that ensures that your skin receives the full benefits of each product. You won't see the best results from your skincare regime if you don't put products in the correct order.

Correct order to apply skincare to products: A step-by-step guide-
1. Apply from thinnest to thickest. First toners, serums and then lotions, creams, oils.
2. Apply from light to heavy
3. Apply from lower pH to higher pH
4. Apply water-based products before oil-based products

It is important to get the order right keeping in mind the penetration of the active ingredients which is important for the efficacy of the product.
Applying a water-based on top of an oil-based product will prevent the former from being absorbed well and hence the efficacy will suffer.
Apply a serum that hydrates your skin, applying an oil-based product will seal that moisture in, but if one was to flip the order, the oil-based product will prevent the serum’s action hence leaving the skin dry!

Hence, the order to follow in general should be:

Start by sprinkling your face with warm water in the morning or, if you have to, wash your face with a gentle skin cleanser.


The next step is toning. While they do not "shrink" pores physically, the new toners can be used in many ways as an antioxidant, vitamin B and even toning aggregates delivery system. Every toner is also meant for a different skin problem, so it is important to use the correct type for your skin concern.


Serums are super-concentrated, nutrient-dense treatments to address specific problems so that you can keep them as close as possible to the skin.


When the skin is still damp, the best time to apply a moisturizer is, therefore the sooner you apply your serum and the treatment, the earlier you will lock your hydration with your moisturiser.


Sunscreen should constitute the final step in your daytime skincare. For those who want to use chemical sunshades, try to find a formula that offers hydrating advantages to protect your skin so you can achieve your daily hydration needs...

About the author: Dr. Poorva Shah, M.D., a board-certified Dermatologist at Derma Centre - Skin, Hair & Laser Clinic

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