What is the Glassy Hair look EVERY celeb has been sporting? Here's step by step tutorial on how to achieve it

Updated on Nov 05, 2020 05:14 AM IST  |  782.4K
What is the Glassy Hair look EVERY celeb has been sporting? Here's step by step tutorial on how to achieve it

A trend that is currently all the rage, is the glossy, mirror finish hair trend. The glossy, high finish trend that always looks sharp and sophisticated, looks good from literally every angle. The silky hair strands reflect light at every angle, making this hairstyle popular. It is also surprisingly easy to achieve at home!
Here is the step-by-step method on how to recreate this look at home. 

Get rid of split and uneven ends 
To attain the glassy hair finish, your hair always needs to be even at the ends. Get regular trims to ensure they are smooth, without split ends sticking. 

Shampoo and condition 
The trick to achieving glossy hair, is for it to be squeaky clean and heavily moisturised and nourished. If your hair is greasy, dried out or under-nourished, achieving this look is a task, so always make sure you start with a clean base of a good shampoo and conditioner. 

Blow dry 
To achieve poker-straight hair, the first way is to blow dry your locks straight and smooth. Before you turn on the dryer though, don't forget to use your head-protectant spray or serum!

Flat iron your hair 
After every inch of your hair is clean and dry, divide your hair into different sections and flat iron your hair neatly. Don't rush through this step as flat ironing your hair gives you a smooth, sleek finish that is imperative to this look. While running the flat iron on your hair, use a fine-tooth comb to ensure there are no knots or strands left out. 

Add on the shine 
For a glossy finish, a basic serum just doesn't seem to do the trick. Instead, take a pea-size amount of oil-based serum and run it through your hair without touching the roots. This not only adds a layer of sheen on your hair but also protects your hair from getting frizzy, by keeping it hydrated. 
Finish off with some hairspray so your hair doesn't budge and continues to look flawless!

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