THIS is what happens to your skin when you quit drinking coffee

All the cups of coffee you consume can impact your skin. Even though coffee applied on the skin can do good but it doesn’t do much good when it is consumed.
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A shot of caffeine can wake you right up in the morning and there are many of us who can’t help but turn to a cup of caffeine every morning. Many of us find it nearly impossible to wake up properly or stay up after waking up without our daily dose of coffee. Coffee can be addictive and it can keep us up and alert. It helps increase our concentration and beat stress. It keeps us going on days when we feel too lazy or lethargic to work. But that’s not the only thing that caffeine does to us. All that caffeine we consume can have a lasting effect on our body and mind. But that’s not all, other than making your anxious and jittery, coffee also impacts our skin in a big way.

Consuming caffeine is not wrong as long as it is consumed moderately. A high intake of caffeine can affect your skin and can even lead to dry dehydrated skin or even acne. Not all of us have skin that can handle too much coffee. Many people have a skin that is sensitive and prone to acne if that’s how your skin is you need to limit your caffeine intake. Caffeine impacts our hormones and it can increase the level of stress hormones which can cause a breakout. Even though coffee has milk or even water it can still dehydrate your skin. It works just like alcohol and makes us feel dehydrated and if it can make our lips feel dry, imagine what it can do to our skin!

Caffeine is known to reduce the collagen in your skin. Collagen creation or growth is important for our skin and body. It helps our skin look happy and healthy. Lack of collagen can make your skin look dull. Quitting coffee can increase the growth of collagen and makes look healthy and makes it glow. Moreover, the dehydration can cause premature aging and a caffeine detox can lead to a beautiful change in your skin quality. Coffee can also increase oil production in the skin and cause our pores to get clogged due to this.


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