What is pumice stone? Get to know this natural skin exfoliant better

Use a pumice stone to scrub off the dead skin cells. What is pumice stone? We will help you to know this natural exfoliant better.

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What is pumice stone? Get to know this natural skin exfoliant better
What is pumice stone? Get to know this natural skin exfoliant better
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What is pumice stone? Pumice stone is formed when water and lava come together. Most of the time they are discovered on the ocean bed. The marine volcanic eruption throws out lava explosively and this is the time when lava comes in contact with water. The floating stones found in the ocean are a result of gusting winds and ocean currents. This pumice rock has so much to offer a human being. 


How to use a pumice stone? 

Pumice stone can be used as a foot scrubber stone. It is also used for treating corn. It is the most effective natural exfoliant that makes the life of a common man simpler. It rejuvenates the skin and enhances the complexion. Here is how you can use a pumice rock in everyday life: 


1. Use it as a leg cleaning brush or a foot scrubber stone.

2. Use it as a body scrubber stone to get rid of dead skin cells. 

3. Use it as a pedicure stone for naturally exfoliating your skin. 

4. Use it as a body scrubber to soften the calluses. 

5. Use it as a toilet cleaner. 

6. Use it as an oven cleaning tool.

7. Use it on your sweaters to remove the pills. 

8. Use it as an unwanted hair removal stone. 


This natural pumice stone is a refreshing tool to add to your head to toe beauty regimen of everyday life. It exfoliates, refreshes and rejuvenates your rough skin effortlessly. 


Since you have understood what is pumice stone, get to know why you should bring one home: 


1. Cuccio Earth Lava Pumice Stone


Remove dry skin in the most natural way. Bring this Cuccio Earth Stone Pumice home to enjoy the goodness of pedicure. These porous stones from Cuccio are composed of basaltic minerals, silicon, oxygen magnesium and iron. Thus, this pumice stone is ideal for smoothing and exfoliating calluses. You may never again have to use a blade to remove rough skin after you add a pumice stone in your everyday skincare regime. 


Price: Rs. 914

Deal: Rs. 565

Buy Now

2. 2 Pieces Foot File Callus Corn Remover Pumice Stone


This pumice stone is beautifully crafted to use it as a foot scrubber. It is a natural exfoliator that comes with a double sided power. On one side it has a pumice stone and on the other a bristle to brush heels. It helps you to get rid of calluses, while the soft bristles can easily brush away dead skin particles. This is the most ideal tool for foot care that you should invest in immediately.


Price: Rs. 1699

Deal: Rs. 499

Buy Now

3. Pumice Stone for Feet


This pumice stone comes in a colourful set of 4. It is a pedicure stone scrubber for attaining smooth, cracked free feets. You can also use it on your hands and body. It is one of the best exfoliation tools that removes dead skin cells naturally. These stones have a uniform structure that can help you enjoy a spa-like experience at home.


Price: Rs. 1252

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4. Natural Pumice Stone Set for Calluses and Skin Care

Natural Pumice Stone is an exfoliating lava stone for healthy and clean skin. It comes in a pack of 3 with a bonus bath brush. These pumice rocks do not break down or wear out over time. They are 100 percent natural volcanic stone designed especially for easy use and care. 


Price: Rs. 6999

Deal: Rs. 3733

Buy Now

5. Extra Large Foot Rasp Foot File with Pumice Stone for Feet


This kit is a Pedicure kit made from stainless steel. With these professional pedicure tools, you will be able to restore the natural beauty of your feet at home. This stone and foot file has the ability to remove dead skin and hard calluses from coarse cracked heels The foot rasp is also effective enough to remove the toughest cracked skin and calluses with gentle use.


Price: Rs. 995

Deal: Rs. 750

Buy Now

6. Topinon Lava Pumice Stone for Foot Callus Knees and Elbow


Topinon Lava Pumice Stone for Foot Callus Knees and Elbow will be your favourite bathroom companion. It is beautifully designed to scrub elbows, knees, feet and your rough skin. Every stone has a different size, shape and color. Why? These are truly naturally occurring stones that we have hand-picked from the earth to ensure that these stones do not come in contact with any of the synthetic ingredients. 


Price: Rs. 899

Deal: Rs. 249

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7. VEGA 3 In 1 Pedicure Brush Kit Tool 


This pedicure brush kit tool is all that you need to add to your skincare regime at the earliest. It is a useful exfoliating tool that cleanses, scrubs and files dead skin. It has a pumice stone on one end and a brush on the other. This pedicure tool will help in keeping your feet soft and supple. 



Price: Rs. 140

Buy Now

8. Foot Scrubber Shower Mat


This foot scrubber showe mat is an oval bath mat. It has a pumice feet scrub stone, suction cups and drain holes for a soothing shower experience.This mat is an anti slip mat with the natural pumice rock for effective foot massage. 



Price: Rs. 999

Deal: Rs. 699

Buy Now

What a great way to enjoy a foot spa session at home! Grab your favourite pumice stone and get rid of everything that hampers your beauty and healthy skin. Add on the desirable pumice stone structure to your skincare regime and cut down on your pedicure and foot massage bills.

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