Why do you need to include Vitamin D in your skincare and haircare?

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Why do you need to include Vitamin D in your skincare and haircare?
Why do you need to include Vitamin D in your skincare and haircare?

The human body needs various kinds of vitamins and minerals to work properly. Lack of any of these can create various problems. Similarly, our skin and hair are also a part of this body. They also require some vitamins and minerals. We might have never focused on this but, Vitamin D is very important for us. 


We must have heard that Vitamin D deficiency can weaken your bones. However, there are many other things that it can affect. We are unaware but it is beneficial for our skin as well as our hair. Here you can know how it affects our skin and hair. Also, some tips on how we can improve Vitamin D in our body.


Skin Problems with Vitamin D Deficiency

If you have low vitamin D in your body, you can face many skin problems. Dry skin is very common in the early stages. Vitamin D has antibacterial properties. Its deficiency will trigger acne and breakouts. It will also affect the receptors making a skin barrier making skin more vulnerable. The deficiency can lead to wrinkles and fine lines also.



Hair Problems with Vitamin D Deficiency

Vitamin D regulates hair growth and stimulates new hair. With its deficiency, hair growth will be ruptured. Even the new hair won't grow as it must. It can also cause bald patches on the scalp and other body parts. Moreover, you can experience a lot of hair fall as well.


Tips to Improve Vitamin D in the Body

- Start by eating healthy. Include more seafood, mushroom, egg yolk, breakfast cereals, etc.

- Try taking some vitamin supplements. You can also add Vitamin D supplements specialised for skin and hair.

- You can also use hair oils, serums and masks that contain Vitamin D.

- There are many skin products like creams, serum, face masks enriched with Vitamin D. Start using more of those.

- Consume more soy, almond milk and orange juice. You can include other liquids that are rich in Vitamin D as well.



These tips will not only increase Vitamin D in your body but also help combat many other skin and hair problems. It is an all-in-one solution. Vitamin D has many benefits for our body as well as skin and hair. It should be a must to include in your care routine. You know how deficiency can be a trigger for hair and skin.


Try out these tips and see how it will benefit. Don't forget to tell us in the comments down below.


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