Why you should USE Olive Oil for your skin and hair

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Why you should USE Olive Oil for your skin and hair
Why you should USE Olive Oil for your skin and hair

Olive oil is not just any other kitchen ingredient that you can include in your food or spruce up your salad. It is much more than that. The benefits of this liquid gold are many. It contributes to weight loss, manages blood sugar levels, reduces cholesterol and the risk of cancer. These are just a handful but in reality, there are uncountable advantages of using olive oil. And over the last decade, the popularity of this ancient oil has only increased among Indians.

Olive oil is enriched with vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants making it essential for our skin health. It can fight all those skin and hair that have been knocking on your door and you have no idea how to keep them out. Want to know more about its benefits? Scroll down.

Moisturizes skin

Olive oil is the most natural moisturizer that you are going to find out there. It hydrates your skin and makes your skin smooth and supple eliminating the dryness you've been complaining about.


Layers of makeup and no idea how to remove it? Here's olive oil for you. Just take a cotton pad immersed in olive oil and rub it onto your face. Again take a fresh cotton pad to remove the extra oil as well as the extra dirt.

Glowing skin


Applying olive oil regularly to your face and body can give you a natural glow. 


Olive oil improves the elasticity of your skin and prevents premature ageing. It nourishes the skin, regenerates the dead skin cells and makes your skin super smooth. 

Cuticle care


You can always rely on olive oil for your at-home manicure sessions. The natural colour of your nails can be restored using olive oil daily. They also prevent chipping and give relief from peeling skin.

Promotes hair growth


Yes, you read it right. Massaging olive oil on your scalp keeps your hair moist and strong from within. They prevent thinning and control frizz. Warm an ample amount of the oil and massage. Leave for an hour or two and rinse it off with a mild shampoo. Or you can leave it overnight.


Olive oil not only promotes hair growth but makes your hair soft and shiny as well. So you don't need an extra conditioner. 

So, take time out from your busy schedule and include olive oil in your skincare. Are you excited to try out olive oil? Share your thoughts.

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