World Lipstick Day 2021: 8 Organic lipsticks to buy as tribute to the history of lipsticks

Updated on Jul 30, 2021 01:21 PM IST  |  118.1K
World Lipstick Day 2021: 8 Organic lipsticks to buy as tribute to the history of lipsticks

The perfect shade of lipstick is the wow factor to brighten up any makeup look. A product that can single-handedly define your best features and is versatile enough to add a touch of sophistication or rebellion truly deserves to have a day dedicated to its appreciation! Ever since 2016, 29 July is celebrated as World Lipstick Day to encourage women all around the world to embrace the vibrant and colourful world of makeup, and appreciate the evolution of the product.

In 2021, lipsticks complete 100 years of existence in the mainstream beauty markets, which calls for a celebration! From originally having negative connotations to now being a tool of empowerment and a girl’s best friend, lipsticks have come a long way. The very first lipsticks, known to have been created by the Sumerians, were primarily made of beeswax. Over the years, lipstick manufacturing and capitalism brought in the use of harmful petrochemicals. In commemoration of their evolution, let’s get back to our roots and invest in these organic lipsticks today!

1. Just Herbs Ayurvedic Lipstick - 08 Rose Brown

Made from Vata pacifying herbs in a base of ghee and sesame oil, this lipstick has Ayurvedic healing properties and gives a natural creamy matte finish. It contains zero artificial pigments and no toxins in its formulation.

₹ 495.00 – Buy Now.

2. Ruby Organics Lipstick - Sherry Soft Berry

This is a semi-matte lipstick infused with 100 percent organic ingredients such as real cinnamon oil. It is vegetarian and cruelty-free, as well as free from petrochemicals, parabens, alcohols, silicones and fragrances.

₹ 941.00 – Buy Now.

3. Clavo Ultra Creme Organic Lipstick - Rosy Cheeks

This lipstick is formulated with 100 percent organic and ethically sourced ingredients such as shea butter, olive oil, aloe vera and Vitamin E to keep your lips hydrated, protected and colourful all day long!

₹ 249.00 – Buy Now.

4. SoulTree Ayurvedic Lipstick - Sunshine 

This brand guarantees the triple seal of truth for ingredients in all their products - organic, Ayurvedic and ethical. This range of lipsticks is available in a variety of playful colours and all of them have natural ingredients that keep the hydration locked in and deeply nourish your lips!

₹ 990.00 – Buy Now.

5. Biotique Natural Magicolor Lipstick - Winter Kiss

Infused with skincare-grade ingredients and all-natural pigments, this moisture-rich lipstick hydrates and nourishes to keep your lips feeling supple all day! The creamy formula is available in a variety of colours and promises ultra-smooth application and transfer-proof stay!

₹ 93.00 – Buy Now.

6. earthBaby Lipstick au Naturale - Caramel Nude

The packaging of this product is as good as its colour and shine! This product is gentle on the earth as well as your skin as it contains all-natural moisturising components that also act as a sunscreen for your lips. This is free from any petrochemicals, artificial colours or fragrances, and any kind of synthetics.

₹ 495.00 – Buy Now.

7. Seer Secrets Beetroot Lip and Cheek Tint

This tint is derived from 100 percent organic beetroot extracts and natural glycerine within it also deeply moisturises the lips and cheeks. It gives off a natural glossy blush pink colour and softens the skin from deep within. 

₹ 449.00 – Buy Now.

8. Daughter Earth Vegan Lip and Cheek Tint - Original Pink

This is the go-to product for everyone looking for a versatile and environment-friendly lipstick! This 100 percent vegan tint gives off a natural blush pink colour with a matte finish, and is available in 12 different shades!

₹ 795.00 – Buy Now.