Worried about your makeup smudging? Here’s how you can master smudge-proof makeup!

Updated on Aug 29, 2021 12:04 PM IST  |  173.8K
Worried about your makeup smudging? Here’s how you can master smudge-proof makeup!
Worried about your makeup smudging? Here’s how you can master smudge-proof makeup!

Does your makeup keep pulling a disappearing act on you? The masterpiece you create so painstakingly on your face every morning is all for nothing when you see it shifting by the middle of the day, especially in times like these when we have to wear masks. Even the most ardent makeup lovers can get put off when that happens! We are here with an easy guide to turn MIA makeup into a thing of the past - here is how you can ace natural, smudge-proof makeup and make it last longer! 

Before we begin the step-by-step process, you should know that maintaining a full face of makeup always starts with a better focus on skincare and prepping. If your skin is smooth, free of dead skin cells or other impurities and adequately hydrated and moisturised, it tends to be more receptive to makeup products - which means a reduced tendency to budge! Another thing to note is that the fewer layers of makeup you put on, the less likely they are to shift and smudge. Here’s how you should proceed -

1. Prep your skin

A smooth canvas is the key to have your makeup stay for longer and look flawless. This is why you should always cleanse your face first. Then, apply a toner that will clean, hydrate and tighten your pores, gently exfoliate and prep your skin for product application. You can use this one by Minimalist for normal to oily skin types -

Minimalist PHA 3% Face Toner

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2. Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate.

Never skip hydrating and moisturising your skin since makeup on dry skin tends to crack very fast. However, you must not go overboard with it as well, or else your makeup will appear cakey and tends to shift - use only as much as your skin requires, and give it a few minutes to seep in before you start applying products. Pat a face serum on your face, then layer with a lightweight moisturiser to lock in the hydration. 

Lakmé Absolute Perfect Radiance Face Serum

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Biotique Morning Nectar Flawless Skin Moisturizer

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You should also use a good lip mask to prep your lips. You can do that overnight, or look for one that you can leave on underneath the lipstick - such as this one by Dot & Key! 

Dot & Key Lip Plumping Mask

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3. Prime your skin

A primer essentially smoothes out the canvas for uniform product application and for the true colours of the products to show. A good primer such as this one by Maybelline will diminish the appearance of open pores, moisturise, give a matte finish and will also keep the products ‘stuck’ to it or intact and smudge-proof for longer durations! 

Maybelline New York Fit Me Primer - Matte + Poreless

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4. Lightweight base makeup

Remember how we said the fewer products you throw on, the less likely it is to smudge and shift? This is the time to start implementing that tip! To minimise the number of product layers, we would recommend that you use a tinted, medium-coverage tinted CC cream instead of a foundation, and only minimal concealer if required. This one does the job pretty well -

Lakmé 9-5 Complexion Care CC Cream SPF 30 - Beige

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5. Use non-transferable base products

Makeup products like eyeshadows, blush and cream-based contour are usually the first ones to go when the shifting begins. Hence, it is essentially to choose the right products for your skin type and the makeup look you are going for. For a standard, natural makeup look, preferably look for matte-finish cheek tints that you can dab on, a sheer liquid eyeshadow that dries fast and is non-transferable, and only a light brushing of bronzer to sculpt the contours of your face. Here are some you should check out -

Swiss Beauty Metallic Liquid Eyeshadow - Non-transfer, Insta-dry

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Daughter Earth 100% Vegan Matte Finish Cheek Tint

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Coloressence Natural Matte Bronzer 

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6. Non-transferable lipstick

Aren’t you tired of your lipstick smudging underneath masks and transferring onto them? Here is how you can stop that - simply use a creamy matte lipstick such as this one, apply it as you do all over your lips, and then blot by putting a tissue in between the upper and lower lips, and press them together. Do this twice, and then gently pat your finger on the lips to remove excess product and have it last longer!


Maybelline New York Color Sensational Lipstick - 805 Rosy peach

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7. To set or not set?

Even after all these measures you took to prevent your makeup from shifting and smudging, it still can - we need to be absolutely sure! This is when a 2-step setting process comes into play. You should first evenly dab a translucent loose powder, especially on your T-zone. Remember to not leave it on - dab and blend small amounts. Leaving translucent powder on is called baking, and it leaves your makeup appearing cakey and you looking ghostly! Try this -

Mars High Definition Ultra Fine Compact Loose Powder

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Then, use a mattifying setting spray or mist to really and truly seal the deal! Use this one which promises to hydrate and prevent cracking or smudging of makeup!

Wet n Wild Photo Focus Setting Spray - Matte Appeal

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