Your curly hair needs special care; 6 hair care products to soften and reduce frizziness

Updated on Aug 26, 2021 07:09 AM IST  |  120.6K
Your curly hair needs special care; Here are 6 hair care products to soften and reduce frizziness

Curly hair wins the spotlight almost everywhere every day. Count yourself lucky if you own it! But it’s difficult to manage them as they can get dry, coarse and frizzy. A proper routine and choosing the right hair care products can only up your curly hair’s health and appearance. Check out these 6 products that can help you nail it!


Unlike other hair types, curly hair and coily hair types need more focused care. Apart from brushing, opt for hair conditioning products that control damage and brittleness. To ensure that there is no dust, excess oil, dead skin cells and product buildup on your scalp that’s tangled with your curly hair, wash them regularly and look for moisturising ingredients. Excessive shampooing can suck out your hair’s natural moisture and make your hair more dry and frizzy. So make sure to have a routine that addresses all your curly hair problems.


Moisturising Curl Primer

This curl primer penetrates moisture to every hair strand and seals it in for lasting hydration. You can leaven in the conditioning effect without washing it off and style up your hair game just the way you desire.

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Curl Energiser Spray

To enhance and boost your curls, this spray works like magic. The no-residue formula infuses moisture without surface weight and nourishes your hair for healthy, naturally beautiful curls.

Price: 20.00 USD

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Moisturising Hair Cream

You can control the frizziness and dryness of your voluminous curly hair with this moisturising hair cream. With Vitamin E oil to encourage hair growth while preventing hair loss and shea butter to lock in moisture from the root to the tip of your coiled hair, this cream is definitely a must-have in your daily hair care regime.

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De-frizz Hair Mask

Frizziness can make you hate your curly hair. Instead of blaming your hair type, change your hair care routine with this defrizz hair mask and watch how amazing your hair can actually be! This hair mask will leave your hair strands ultra-soft and smooth after just one application.

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Castor Oil

Organic castor oil is a natural source of fatty acids that nourish and moisturise the scalp and support healthy hair. You can also use them to groom your natural eyelash and as an eyebrow serum. The oil acts as a moisturising agent and boosts your curly hair’s growth.

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Anti-Shrinkage Curly Hair Cream

This anti-shrinkage product is a lightweight moisturizing delight that defines and softens curls instantly. Get your superbly defined look that lasts all day long with this hair cream as it is infused with mango oil and bamboo milk.

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Fall in love with your curls, with these useful hair care products!


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