Is your skin dry or simply dehydrated? Here’s the truth

Most of us have a major misconception when it comes to issues related to our skin. We all assume that we have dry skin whereas our skin is just dehydrated. We give you a complete low down on the do’s and dont’s and how to tackle this problem
Is your skin dry or simply dehydrated? Here’s the truthIs your skin dry or simply dehydrated? Here’s the truth
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Flawless skin is not a “myth” as many would like to believe. It is in fact quite achievable and without breaking our head too much. Given the temperature conditions we live in our country, “humid monsoons” are pretty much a thing. The weather is a bizarre mix of hot and cool and one which affects our skin the most.


Given our extremely busy lifestyle and the tiredness that creeps in because of it, we often tend to avoid giving ample attention to ourselves. The most basic step that all of us tend to skip and miss is moisturising our skin or applying a sun block. Most of us believe that if we have oily skin, we should avoid applying anything more on it as it will make our skin look all the more dampened. But what most of us don’t understand is that oily skin when clubbed with inflammation and redness is a huge sign of dehydration. 


Most of us have major confusions about how exactly our skin works. If it is oily, dry or simply dehydrated. So first up let us burst your bubble and clear it to you guys what is the difference between dry skin and dehydrated skin. 



Difference between dry skin and dehydrated skin

Dry skin is basically the one which has lesser oil producing glands on the face and body and dehydrated skin on the other hand is the one which lacks water and moisture. Please take note, dehydrated skin does not lack oil so do not be confused by this phenomenon. 


To simply put it down in simpler words, dry skin is a skin type and dehydrated skin is a type of a skin condition. Dry skin is something which a section of the people have, whereas dehydrated skin is something that can happen to anyone with any skin type - be it oily, dry or sensitive. 


Ways to spot the difference between dry skin and dehydrated skin

One extremely difficult situation that can really push you off the hook. However, we are here to simplify it for you. When you have dry skin, it starts feeling itchy but when you have dehydrated skin, your skin starts looking dead, pale and lifeless. 


Moisturising your skin is of utmost important, irrespective of the skin type you have. When you have dry skin, the average oil production in your skin is extremely less. This means that you should opt for moisturisers which are more oil-based. Dehydrated skin on the other hand means that the water content in your skin cells is really less so a lighter moisturiser would also work. Dehydrated skin usually feels tighter, has wrinkles and prominent dark circles. 



What exactly causes dehydration?

It is common knowledge that water is extremely essential and important for our body. Ideally you should be having about 3-5 litres of water daily. The rise in temperature and humidity are obvious causes of dehydration. But dont be fooled that drinking enough water will solve all your woes. If you excessively smoke, drink alcohol or coffee or use alcohol based makeup products on the skin then even drinking an excessive amount of water might not help. Coconut water is a blessing for anyone who has dehydrated skin. If you take too many hot-showers or follow an improper skin-regime, even then it can lead to dehydrated skin. 


How can you tackle dehydrated skin?

One easy fix is to carry floral face mists and spray it on your face whenever you want to feel and better. Apply shea butter, honey or glycerin on the skin for great results. You can also eat fruits such as strawberries, cherries, bananas, mangoes, watermelons, as they are oral antioxidants and are also rich in electrolytes. 



It is extremely important for anyone to take care of their skin, no matter what skin type you possess. Although you might feel extremely lazy but your skin really needs your attention and time in order for it to look glowing, stunning and flawless. If you do have any feedback on this then please comment below and let us know. 


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