Is your skin getting itchy in the rain? Here’s how you can deal with skin allergies this monsoon

Rainwater, especially of the cities can be harmful to the skin. The smokey clouds that give rain can cause skin allergies, let alone the dirt that it carries along. Here are some ways on how you can deal with those skin allergies this monsoon.
Beauty,skin,mumbai rain Is your skin getting itchy in the rain? Here’s how you can deal with skin allergies this monsoon
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Rainwater often brings along the dirt and pollution in the air. This affects the quality of the water thus making it dangerous for the skin. And, if you are someone who travels to work every day, the water flowing off the dirty roofs and walls may come in contact with the skin making it prone to rashes and allergies. Now, not stepping out of the house can be a solution here but let us agree that that is not possible for the entire season. So here are some precautions and home remedies you can do to deal with the skin problems you are facing.


Wear light and loose clothing

When you step out of the house, even with an umbrella, there is a great chance that some parts of your body will still get wet. Make sure to wear loose and light clothing that does not stick to the skin to cause allergies and at the same time dries as fast as possible. 


Do not wear tight shoes

Shoes that can get wet and takes time to dry can cause harmful fungal infections in your feet. It is called athletes foot and it is a painful fungal infection generally caused by ill-fitting and wet shoes. The dirty rainwater or puddle water can enter the nailbeds and cuticles of your toes causing infections and bad smell. Make sure to wear relatively open shoes and even if they get, dry them as soon as possible.


Calamine Lotion

Calamine lotions are known to ease the itch of a rash. According to Medicinenet, 'Calamine and zinc oxide are topical anti-itch lotions. Although the exact mechanism of how calamine and zinc oxide work is not known, they have skin protecting and astringent properties that relieve itching. They also seem to slow down bacterial growth, preventing infections from worsening.'


Do not wear fake jewellery

Jewellery made out of fake metals or alloys can react with the rainwater making it prone to eroding or corrosion. If this jewellery comes in contact with the skin, it can create small bumps on the skin that can be itchy and allergic. So, avoid all kinds of jewellery you are not sure about.


Use anti-bacterial soaps

Even if you have not developed a skin rash, use an anti-bacterial soap for taking a bath. This will ensure that the skin does not get prone to any rashes or infections while keeping it healthy.


What is it that you do to take care of your skin? Let us know in the comments section below.


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