Zendaya shares the SECRET to her beautiful, glowing skin; Check it out

Zendaya’s beauty secret is laid back and something that everybody can try at home. Check it out
Zendaya shares the SECRET to her beautiful, glowing skin; Check it out
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The American actress and singer, Zendaya is known for her prominent roles in movies like Spiderman and The Greatest Showman. Off late, she is gaining a lot of popularity for her role in an American teen drama television series, Euphoria. While her work is widely recognized, it is her good looks that have stolen millions of hearts. From red carpet events to promotional ones, she has always been on top of her game. All thanks to her gorgeous mane and glowing skin. 


So, when InStyle asked her a few questions she was quick to respond about how she likes to take care of her skin.

When asked about her gorgeous glowing skin in her selfies and the secret behind it, she said, “It’s all about the sun. Get in front of it and let the rays hit you. That and also be heavily moisturized.”




Thank you sun

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Well, according to Zendaya moisturising and the sunlight is her way of getting glowing skin and it is the easiest beauty tip we have heard till date!


Further, when she was asked about her skin feeling fresh in real life, she indulged into the ‘self-care’ area, she said, “Wearing SPF is No. 1. Everybody, wear your SPF! And I find it therapeutic to give myself a facial and do all those extra steps: cleansing; cleansing with another cleanser; toning with, like, eight different things; then a spray; a sheet mask; a clay mask. It’s a little self-care.”





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Well, we are definitely agreeing with her on the fact that self-care is a very important thing and in turn, if it comes with something that helps you get glowing skin, then there’s nothing like it! Don’t you agree? 


Further, when asked about her beauty regrets, she replied, "You’ve just got to own it, you know?" and shared the story of her horrific eyebrow disaster, "

I remember the day before seventh grade started, I was going to get my brows done. I left the place with one eyebrow more square and one more round. They looked superthin, and my heart was broken. I cried, which is so dramatic, but it was the day before seventh grade. That’s a big deal! And I was pissed because my 13th birthday was coming up. I was like, “Mom! The lady took off my eyebrows!” She said, “They grow back, Zendaya. Relax.” But I was not wanting to listen. "


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