It's Sonam Vs Deepika again: Who wore it better?

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When you see them once wear the same, its okay. Twice deserves a post right ;)

Deepika Padukone who is busy promoting her upcoming film Chennai Express has been spotted sharing very similar looks to Sonam Kapoor's recent appearance made during Bhaag Milkha Bhaag promotions.

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Deepika has better body & beautiful face !
She looks sexy while sonam looks lovely ...

Deepika Padukone

sonam looks innocent

sonam all the way

i think sonam is better


muaaaaah :*
Sonam is also good....

Deepika has the posture and body that spells sexy!

First pic her makeup is slightly over the top however as she is still in her twenties she can be pardoned for it.

Honestly although I prefer deepika to sonam. clearly sonam looks very delicate in the body and the face as compared to deepika who has a latina lookin sexy bosomed body.

For the lemon colour on sonam that makes her look extra feminine, I choose sonam in pic 1 . You must however notice the difference in lihting in pic 1. Deepika looks like normal lighting at any event . Sonam;s looks like fashion lighting say at a magazine photoshoot where the lights gives a soft texture to the girls makeup.

Deepika is sexier overall ANYDAY ! But Sonam has a really feminine face which can be very appealin to anotther lot of people !

just accept the trouth even for once its cleaarly deepika is coping sonam

sonam is real style icon rest are copying her. But sonam kapoor's acting is very poor

Everyone is copying Sonam lately, after her latest successful Cannes trip. Even Kareena is wearing similar outfits after Sonam wore them.

love sonam hate deepika

damn... who wears a saree with a ponytail!!!!!

Sonam all the way!
I hate the way deepika draped her sari in the 2nd lot of pics.

lol!these two seem to be rivals this year! how can I forget sonam gave two hits this year!

forgodsake deepika fans..its sonam who is the trendsetter,accept the truth she is wearing same outfits agn n agn n sonam has wore it first n sonam is way much more elegant n classy in her taste.being on top doesnt mean u r a fashion diva n u cn copy ur contemporary actress

Deeepika dsn't copy from sonam...its own her style...i never see actress more beautifull than deepika among the bollywood.....

they dont have the same stylist! even if they have the same taste then why is Sonam always wearing the outfits first? clearly Deepika copies her!

Deepika always copies others style especially Sonam.....Sonam deserve more than deepy


Deepika copies sonam period .its all proved by the post .

Deepika is all made up all the time. Sonam looks naturally stylish

they both look super pretty..i dont mind if somebody copies somebody else as long as they mix it up with their own individuality n make it their personal two thumbs up for these two stunning style divas..


sonam, sonam, sonam. the pic in the black and cream creation...sonam NAILS it (this pic used in the post is terrible...check the other pinkvilla post that includes the same) Sonam IS QUEEN when it comes to fashion, y'all just need to realise that. I like deepika's outfit better (the one she wore in Indian idol) but Sonam just has much more grace and pulls the lime outfit MUCH better than deepika. SONAM WINS EVERY FASHION ROUND OUT THERE, NO QUESTIONS ASKED

even deepika's make up sucks. looks like her stylist was in desperate need to match her skin color to her outfits. sonam's looks are bold and amazing. sonam KILLS deepika. end of discussion!

both the outfits look awful on deepika, especially the second one. Sonam is a fashionista for a reason. Sonam wins HANDS DOWN




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