Shilpa Shetty in Sonaakshi Raaj: YaY or Nay?

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Shilpa Shetty wore a stunning, red crochet and tassel Sonaakshi Raaj sari for her reality dance show Nach Baliye. She teamed it with open hair and big round, hoop earrings. The look works wonders on Shilpa, doesn't it?


Where are her stretch marks??

Body - Yes
Look - No!

Looking beautiful

Her hair and Body are just too fabulous. I'd kill for them.


perfect body

Insanely beautiful! Gorgeous woman!

If you've got it flaunt it!!! Shilpa has sayings, script lines and song lyrics written about her figure, she has a rep to protect. At least she is doing her civic duty by looking good and promoting health and fitness. If you don't like the way she dresses or her figure, don't look at her. Carry on Shilpa, there is nothing wrong with you, doll.

Lady in Red. Superstunning. to get that body ??Show I stand on one leg and do some thap :P :P :P:P

she always looks great from the neck down...pity about the ruined face though

I don't understand why many women/girls here are going ga ga over Shilpa. I agree she has good curves, but how much of it is real and healthy ? Is it even healthy to starve yourself to such an extent just to have a good waist.
Shilpa dresses so skimpily to keep showing her waist all the time. And look at the mess she's created to herself with the multiple surgeries to the nose and lips. Her face looks so plastic and bad. She is the next Koena Mitra.

I am in for healthy bodies but not for unnatural face and bodies.

Oh Shilpa, you used to be so real.

What a body!

New lip job, for sure.

Loved the dress and the colour. She has one of the best bods.

Boring ... Please stop the maddening weight loss! And hire a sensible classy stylist!
Your outfits are always loud n garish!

enough with the waist exposure already..! we get it.. u have an amazing figure..

she has an amazing body but wears such tacky clothes

What a figure!!

How did she lose so much weight? :O

Shilpa Shetty YAAAAAAAAY!
Sonaakshi Raaj NAAAAAAAAAY!!!

woman looks good!!!!!!!!!!!!

Am I the only one who think she has done something on her lips?

Her body is amazing but her face looks weird

She's the only one in bw who can carry this silhouette.

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