Viranica Manchu wedding photos & video

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The girl is Veronica, the only daughter of Sudheer Reddy (brother of CM Y.S. Rajasekhar Reddy), Her grandfather is C.C. Reddy, Chief of Visu Consultancy and also a film producer who married Manchu Vishnu Vardhan, Telugu actor and son of Dr. Mohan Babu.

The best achievement for Manchu vishnu and his wife Viranica so far, as they have become the first and best couple from South India to feature in The Big Fat Indian Wedding series on NDTV Good Times this Tuesday. vishnu – Viranica hailed as Tollywood’s ‘Abhi - Aish’ has been wedded on First March of last year amidst huge gathering.

Their entire marriage episode right from shopping to Sangeet to wedding ceremony at Gachchibowli stadium was picturised by NDTV crew and footage is known to have come to a length of nearly 30 hours which is compressed to just an hour and that will be telecasted today on NDTV Good Times. This one hour program will be telecast in 76 countries apart from India.

The wedding was truly a `big fat’ one since about 36,000 pictures were taken by 25 photographers from the city and New York and there are also 12 DVDs of video coverage.

Almost 7.5 lakhs worth wine and liquor was placed at the dinning menu for the respective guest and this was said to be one of the lavish marriage functions in Hyderabad.

Meanwhile, there is hot news that Vishnu’s wife Veronica has presented her hubby a diamond ring worth 2.5 crores. The ring is said to be one of the costliest gifts which the couple received on their wedding ceremony. Hough the dowry aspect was kept in dark from the media, it is expected to touch almost a worth of Rs 70 crore out of which 3 crores are jewelry and 19 crores of immovable property and the rest is said to be some option of shares, businesses and agriculture lands.


Quite a handsome couple! It is more than a little annoying though that even after hundreds of years India has the same starving poor people and corrupt mega rich ones.

yeah rite..this jewellery is totally rajasthani..nothn south indian abt the whole look .

more than panju this is rajsthani jewellery she is wearing like the armband and the ruby necklace the moti stop arguing ladies.... anyone would want the most lavish wedding possible if you have the money why not...its the family problem how they got it they do have to sleep at night remember...karma.. and kundan jewellery is very affordable but does not have a resale value...tht part suckz....i love ma kundan setz which i got in ma wedding but have worn them only in ma wedding and ma brother ...anyhoo i am loving everything about the wedding seems i need to you tube this episode.. :) peace

while i know weddings are a girl's big dream day... i consider it stupid to spend so much money within a week.. people spend so much time earning it, whether honestly or by deceit.. atleast consider all the people who can benefit by the little one can donate from that.. i'm not saying don't spend money at all, but spend it modestly..

Thsts the kind of money u have to waste on liquor when u cheat people or in politics

Come on ladies, every region in India has beautiful and unique wedding customs with alot of culture and tradition to it. To say one is better then the other is plain ignorance and also hateful.

To politicians, they are there because they are supposed to represent the people who voted for them....
weddings such as these are vulgar, because the guests who eat at such lavish dos, are already fatted calves.
Feed the poor instead. Educate a few in lieu of accumulating wealth,dowry, and lavish lifestyles. get rich honestly, and not at the cost of others.

The bride and jewelry looks awesome ! Too bad Visu consultancy made that money out of misleading students and their parents...

hyderabad people spend lavishly...let it be jewellery, cars, clothes...anything!!!

I saw this episode on tv.It was a good one.All these jewellery are from the Hyderababdi Nizam collection, she said

Sun, 2010-08-15 16:30 — Anonymous
as if all north indian women can afford to buy Kundan. Kundan ,though from Rajasthan can only be brought by people who can afford.

Likewise there are so many changes in North Indian weddings also . They hardly used to hold hands during the saat phere whereas they do this in all weddings rather than tying the end of the clothes but south indian tradition has always been that way.

in hollywood food getn wasted isnot equivalent incase of India....US is a developed country..india has major poverty issues accompanied with child labour...pls go read some books n get some general knowledge b4 wasting ur brain

south jewellry is 100 times better than punjabi jewellry and their outfits are much nicer too.

to the comment below...please are you saying people shouldnt have a lavish wedding? if they can afford it why not. and its not only indian weddings go to hollywood and see how much foood they waste! and how much money they waste on their boring weddings. our politicians have some much money to shamelessly flaunt it .....poor/middle class will keep suffering as long as these politicians fill their pockets instead of doing any good to the nation...wish he had donated some money to poor in the name of his daughters wedding.... spit!!!

with so many children dieing of hunger in india this is ridiculous!!!! what a waste of money all for nothing

She looks pretty. Jewellery is good too. However she could have found a better makeup artist.
Well south weddings can be big fat ones based on how region and how much one is ready to spend.

Second pic reminds me of rakhi's swayamvar lol. She looks pretty but the makeup could have been better.

god bless them

those jewels are amaaazing! wow im blown away!

i dont know about the other south weddings...this is how big weddings in hyderabad are!!!and this is not a very big wedding for hyderabad people...this one just caught the attention of people because it was featured on good times...there are even bigger weddings!!!

WoW! she is so pretty! Just like 50-70's hindi movie actress!

Her makeup isn't that good.

south indian brides have started with kundan jewellery not bad luv da jewellery.... usually its fully gold.. :)

who are they

she is very pretty. i dont like the dulha's blue velvet sherwani. it doesnt go well with her outfit. otherwise i could not take my eyes off the bride. happy married life to them

Oh. Wasn't it the same CM who died a tragic death? RIP!

No point spending soo much but still her make-up looks trashy!

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