11 Things you need to steal from Ananya Panday’s wardrobe

Ananya Panday is the new youth icon and she loves her casual wardrobe and so do we!
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We love Ananya Panday. She’s the newbie but she’s the typical girl-next-door that you want to ape. She has some of THE best casual looks that we can’t help but love. She’s young and energetic and she’s bringing back the mini-skirts and the polka dots. She rocks the teenage chic look every time and we just can’t get over it. We’re so in awe of her that we want to rummage her wardrobe and steal her style! She is, after all, the new and upcoming youth icon. She has been winning hearts with her style and fashion goals. This adorable young actress has managed to make us pick some pieces from her looks that we all want to steal this season. We may not be able to carry it off with the swag that she does it but we wouldn’t mind trying.

1. Her dazzling distressed denim! They make you want to jump into them and walk away. She managed to pair it well and dress it down with a simple crop top. We want to bow down to this look

2. This embellished top with statement sleeves. It is simply awesome. It makes a statement but it also keeps the look simple because of the color and fabric.

3. This yellow striped romper is perfect for a day out. Though we wouldn’t mind stealing those shades and shoes as well, the romper is our first choice. Not everyone can carry it off like Panday.

4. That disco jacket with bishop sleeves makes us want to scream! We sure as hell love this Amit Agarwal look and while we’re at it, maybe we should steal Ananya’s stylist, Sanjay as well.

5. Ananya does know her pinks. This beautiful pink blazer with ruffles on the sides by Madison is our favorite. She paired it perfectly with those white shorts!

6. Miss Panday has a vast casual wardrobe and we love it. These comfy camouflage pants are a killer and she is rocking the look.

7. Ananya also knows her shoes well. We love this pair of brownish beige suede shoes. She clearly knows how to rock them with her all-black outfit.

8. We may or may not like the show, but we love the casual tee and distressed denim look. She manages to keep it cool with her casual looks. We definitely want to steal those two things.

9. Ananya managed to win this denim war clearly! She wore a chill and blingy sequined jersey with her denim shorts and she came out shining. You can’t not steal that much bling.

10. She does not mind being loud and making a big statement in this blue Balenciaga dress. We get that it’s Balenciaga girl! This one tops our steal list.

11. With retro back in trend, we all need some nice polka dots and this beautiful set of co-ords and those shades are asking to be stolen! This outfit is the perfect mix of new and retro!

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Bilkul buri samal ki h

Bilkul buri samal ki h

I am the big fan of ananya pandey

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