3 Non trending styles of 2021 that deserves a second chance in your wardrobe

Check out 3 stylish pieces of clothing that aren’t on the trend list but still a fashion favourite among all.
3 Non trending styles of 2021 that deserves a second chance in your wardrobe 3 Non trending styles of 2021 that deserves a second chance in your wardrobe
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The fashion cycle is quite unpredictable.Though fashion forecasting and trend spotting work hand in hand, what exactly is in and out of fashion and the reason behind each of it may travel breaking the borders of fashion touching human emotional trauma of the current times, social life and economic well being of countries east and west.While brands both big and small run around anticipating the next big trend, few of us are still holding on to the styles from the past that eventually becomes one’s personal style statement. While this year we saw a rising love for corsets, distressed denim, tie-dye outfits and so on, here are 3 styles that couldn’t make it to the trend list but still deserve all our love and space in our wardrobe. 


Skinny Jeans

You might have heard several times that skinny jeans are out and baggy jeans are in. Well, that's true. Who wants to spend the sweaty summer wearing skin-tight jeans while the baggy pants provide you with the much-needed comfort. But think again! Skinny jeans can never be out of fashion. They are a classic pick, a versatile option to pair up with your boyfriend tee shirt, hoodies or feminine crop tops. Skinny jeans gel well with all kinds of tops and hug your body in all right places giving you a slender sleek figure. Coffee date, to the office or a simple get together party with your friends, skinny jeans can work well on all occasions and shouldn’t be relegated away from your wardrobe.


Netted Tops

Mesh, sheer tops and netted blouses are the next fashion pick that never gets boring. Though the love for mesh and netted tops were a huge hit in early 2020, it gradually vanished from the trend list and is no more a trendy pick but definitely is a fashion favourite. The net tops can be styled up in different ways- over a cardigan, under a blazer, with your bralette and even as stylish gym wear to beat the summer heat in style. It can very well be an all-season piece of clothing that is versatile and quirky. Before you throw off your mesh dress, think of ways you can style them up to grab all eyeballs.



Boiler suits

Are you bored of the boiler suits? Well, we definitely aren’t! Boiler suits are the one-piece overalls, much like the jumpsuits, that give the wearer bossy lady vibes and utilitarian comfort. Majorly a pick for travelling and hiking, thanks to the pandemic, boiler suits are out of the trend list of 2021 but still a visual treat that provides one with incredible comfort and style. You can team it up with your sneakers and style up a sporty look with your high ponytail hairdo and hoop earrings or keep it sensuous with nude heels, loose blow-dried hair and peachy pout for your date night look. A cool pair of shades and hat can complete the uber cool look in boiler suits.

Which of the three non-trending styles will you welcome back? Tell us in the comments below.

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