10 sneakers owned by Ranbir Kapoor you would want to steal right now

Ranbir Kapoor
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Ranbir Kapoor and his eternal sneakers are a treat for #shoeporn adorers. From signature, Yeezys to traditionally classic, Nikes, Ranbir owns the most exquisite shoes, which are as grandeur as his acting. At almost every outing, Ranbir has an oozing affair with his shoes, and wears them in the most bizarre way. Owning almost every possible sneaker available, Ranbir has a badass collection which are brilliantly charismatic, and have delicate, endearing details. After a firm research, we found ten of his best sneakers, which have influenced and redefined his persona, making him the ‘sneaker’ god of Bollywood.

Ranbir Kapoor romances with these trademark shoes in the most prolific way possible. He tabloids a cool sense of style by delighting everyone with his casual attire. Illustrating a manly chic picture huh, Mr.?

These contemporary, modern Jordans add an architectural testament to his spellbinding persona. Worn with a military jumper and slacked jeans, these shoes create a poetical attitude, and layer a dramatic symmetry around it. Overall, a brave step towards fashion, Ranbir!

Ranbir’s airport style is like a speciality cocktail, whimsical with a flick of wildness. He rejuvenates these sneakers with his monochromatic ensemble, and elevating sunglasses. Love the stylish hint of red popping out!

Denim jackets are patriotically classic in fashion, and a must-have staple in one’s wardrobe. Here, Ranbir epitomises his engaging ensemble with these unique yet conventional sneakers, reflecting a sense of deep-rooted chicness. Keep navigating the chic pathway, Ranbir!

Another one of his extraordinary, imaginative sneakers that make us wonder, how many of these similar ones do you own, Ranbir? Like the same colour palette; black, grey and red. Are you hinting us on your favourite colours?

Cool, effervescent and creatively charming, these sneakers define it all. Ranbir makes them even cooler with his intelligent dressing and planetary sunglasses. Casually chic to the core!

An unusual colour to don, Ranbir wears these maroon sneakers in the most seductive manner. He pairs a causal ensemble, striking sneakers, and leaves the rest to his attentive, sexy persona, which surely overtakes those tasteful pair of shoes. Quite an admirable statement, Ranbir!

Fascinating us with his jingly sneakers, Ranbir crafts a unique, individualistic statement with these commanding pair of Nike sneakers. Strongly built and a classic appeal makes these sneakers a must-have in one’s wardrobe. Ranbir blends sports and comfort quite expressively. 

Jordans seem to be the go-to brand for Ranbir’s inventive, fun persona. Mostly seen in rich, calm hues, Ranbir’s Nike Air Jordan sneakers are a crowd stealer. Paired with a timeless, treasured hoodie, Ranbir weaves magic with this ensemble, just like a cool sportsman!

One of his most simple yet appealing pair of sneakers, Ranbir elevate casualness with his harmonious, bespoke sense of style, making him even more endearing. Love the hilarious ‘Tamasha’ t-shirt that he donned for promotions. 


Men's fashion is so boring, always with the jeans and sneakers.

Grand father earned money ..Father earned for him money ....now following the same way he is earning in same way he can buy anything he want rich person that is what spoiled him atlast

I like his style.

I would prefer to have the shoe that he wore on Comedy nights to promote Tamasha.

Ranbir is bae :) *heart eyes*

Wao great collection !!!

I love how wear it like his personality. This Dude is Goal

LOVE LOVE LOVE his sneaker game! Best in B-town! Wanna cop those Yeezy's so badly! #talentedrichbitch

yeah yeah the rich boy has a lot of expensive shoes

Jealous much?

His sneaker game is INSANE bruh! Best in B-town! Wanna cop those Yeezy so badly! #talentedAFrichbitch

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