Yay or Nay : The Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton in Jenny Packham

5 years ago  |  6.1M

The lovely Duchess of Cambridge, Katherine Middleton, looked gorgeous at the gala dinner that was hosted in Mumbai tonight in her and Prince William's honour.

She wore a custom made design by Jenny Packham in a eye catching hue of royal blue. Her look included a floor length maxi dress with floral embroidered bodice and a matching dupatta that she draped elegantly around her shoulders.

Blue earrings and a matching clutch rounded her look out.

I really wanted her to wear an Indian designer but I love that Jenny Packham made her an ensemble that was made in India and looked so Indian.


Anonymous : She is so skinny. Needs to put on some weight. Get some curves. Her clothes look like the will fall off.
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Anonymous : She looks beautiful as always. The color is so rich looks good on her.
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Anonymous : I know she is required by royal protocol to dress demurely (grandmother-in-law is watching), and she gets it right almost always. I am saying almost, because here she gets failing grade. The dress is way too matronly and least flattering. Perhaps without the shawl/scarf/dupatta, it would be more chic and age appropriate. Give the dress to grandmother-in-law, Kate!
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Anonymous : She is a foreigner in India and wears something that loks regal and shows less skin..perfect. However, some of the celebrities showed more skin than necessary! Quite the opposite...really. Don't these rich people do some research on dress sense and on royal ettiquette?
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Anonymous : Personally, Kate has done better with gowns. This one just doesn't do it for me. Too much bling and the drape was undesired. Less bead work and a lower neckline would have looked better. Liked the colour but not the design, esp the top half. It could have been fitter as well. I wish she would have worn like the one she wore at the BAFTA dinner during her visit to the US. That was elegant and more of her style.
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Anonymous : i think she looked very graceful and elegant. for those who dont like the cape/drape - i think it looks cools, sort of a reverse dupatta, in fact next time imma gonna drape my dupatta that way. and also it made for the silhouette being more conservative and not revealing, which shows their cultural sensitivity while visiting india.
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Anonymous : Nice colour, but the dress didn't do much to her "stature". (It made her look slightly hunched.) Moreover, her chest looks pretty flat in this dress.
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Anonymous : People Magazine that the bead work was done by a designer in Mumbai. Anyway she couldn't have handled the first formal event any better. She's quite a lady.
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Anonymous : She looks tall! The gown would've looked better without the drape.
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Anonymous : Elegant and I love the color on Kate. Beautiful!
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