14 Times Kangana Ranaut Fired Up A Magazine Cover

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Kangana Ranaut, the ‘Queen Bee’ of Bollywood, has graced many magazine covers over the years, and oh boy, she looked magnificent on each of them. Call it perfection or sheer luck, this lady is a true fashionista. Just recently, Grazia India released their July issue cover, and guess who was on it? It was none other than, Kangana! Yes, this chic lady just graced their 100th issue and slayed like she always does. Her avatars have ranged from dressing as an Indian bride to a blondie girl and like always, she rocked each look. To celebrate her stunning cover, we compiled her 14 best covers till date, to show you the true success Kangana has amassed all these years. 

Don’t you just wish you had purple hair like her? 

Kangana’s latest cover is surely one of her best till date. With the purple hair and sassy pose, who would have guessed that this Himachal girl would have progressed so far? Well, it surely shows on the cover itself. We couldn’t be more proud of her! 

Truly, Blonde Ambitions! 

Even in our wildest dreams, we would have never pulled off this blonde hair. Like how cool does she look on this cover? More power to you, Kangana! 

Wow! Look at that sassiness and fierceness!! 

This is one of her most fierce covers, with the subtle attitude and bouncy hair. She looks like a full-on military girl and it surely signifies her true self. Isn’t she just bold and hot? 

Doesn’t she look like a style queen with the high bun? 

With a bun like that, Kangana can surely slay in any task. She looks feminine yet cool and gives us a hint of a Parisian madame. Well, maybe that’s the reflection of who she actually is? 

Kangana’s inner warrior surely shines on this cover! 

Rani Laxmi Bai is what we call this cover. We could only remember her upon seeing Kangana on this warrior-like cover. Keep being who you are! 

Curly hair, don’t care! 

Who can have curly hair and still slay? The answer is only Kangana can. She has the power of her curls and it surely has taken her places. Don’t we remember her because of that? 

Sisterly Love! 

Sisterly love and bonding are well-portrayed on this cover. Kangana’s sister looks as pretty as she does. Now we see where the fashion genes are coming from! 

Rosy Cheeks and a sense of stubbornness, what more do you want? 

She looks hella cute yet sexy on this dark cover. Being the bold diva she is, Kangana has surely conquered Bollywood like one else and now, she enters the magazine arena. Be bold, be brave! 

Pretty girl, one level up! 

We are still in awe after seeing this cover because Kangana just looks heavenly sexy. Couldn’t we all agree to this? 

Class Apart! 

Her classiness is well-depicted on this demure cover. The way she dresses and behaves surely has a hint of Marilyn Monroe, doesn’t it? We definitely think it does! 

Bollywood’s coolest trendsetter! 

Bleached eyebrows and a mutant role, what more does a woman want? Kangana looks stunningly fierce and yes, different as always! 

Simply beautiful! 

How adorable is this cover of hers! No faults, just absolute purity. 

A true wild child! 

She reigns and slays like no other actress and without a doubt, looks ethereal. Bring on the futuristic vibes, girl! 

Perfect Indian Chori! 

desi girl surely looks ethnic yet modern on this wonderfully styled cover. The red bindi is gaining all the attention, besides Kangana being her chic self. 

Which is your favourite Kangana cover? Comment below.


WOW! WOW! Proud of her. She reminds me of Zeenat (Satyam Shivam Sundaram) in the last Bazaar cover. Her nose resembles Zeenat's and can see her playing Chura Liya Hai ..."

Love HI, Cine, Ffare and Bazar.

I just love this woman...banno tera swagger lage sexy!!

she has different expressions in each cover....gr8...

wow every cover is different and stylish. She is not forced to look beautiful only. A perfect model for any cover.

yeah iifa style that was copied from sexier and more fashionable bollywood ladies.

The Vogue, the two Feminas, the GQ and the Harper's Bazaar Bride are my favourite covers of hers! :)

I love you kangana!!!!!!!!!

She has amazed in every cover. Superbly perfect

Not weird......but amazing....this is why Kangana has the X factor !!!!

Look who is insecure after DP trending with her amazing iifa style.


Yeah no filters alright!

Yeah no filters alright!

Woww...I would say LUVVVVVV all of them..entirely different and Brilliant!!

same expression in all the pics trying to look fierce

It's weird how she looks different in every cover. :)

Kangana really professional model, she is like a chameleon, always different, some of the photos I even thought that it was not her, it so brilliantly reincarnated!

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