Patchwork Mania: Alia has been obsessing over this one trend! Here is the proof

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Looks like Alia Bhatt has really been digging the patchwork trend. So much so that we spotted her wearing the trend on several occasions. 

Patchwork is a trend spotted on the runways and patchwork has come a lengthy way. It is not just for wonderful quilts and fixing jeans anymore. It gives off a chic, laid-back vibe. The contrast panels are placed so thoughtfully on the back pockets, right above the knee of your jeans or the pockets of your jacket. 

Seeing Alia wear this trend makes us want to wear the trend all the more. So what if it burns a hole in our pockets, we've got to have this trend in our wardrobes, pronto. 

Here is Alia showing us how to rock this trend: 

1. Alia wearing an army green Zara denim jacket with patchwork on it. 

2. These patchwork shorts are a beautiful mess. Pairing it with a white shirt just balances the whole look out. 

3. This patchwork utility jacket is so easy-breezy and such a great way to layer. 

4. Way to take your ripped jeans a notch up, throw some fun patchwork in 

5. Bored of that basic black gym tee of yours? Boom! Add some shiny tiny patchwork. Pair it with some ripped jeans and some slip ons like Alia and your OOTD will be ON-POINT. 

6. This Madison On Peddar patchwork varsity jacket is such a winner! It can take any outfit from a zero to hundred. 

7. Boring blazer? Patchwork to your rescue! 

8. A little goes a long way! Just like the patchwork on this cord-set, Alia is wearing. 


9. This custom patchwork jacket that Alia has sported just straight up shows her love for the trend. 

10. This shirt dress by Hattie is perfect for daytime so pair it with sneakers to complete the look. 

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