Yay or Nay : Deepika Padukone in Michael Kors

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Deepika Padukone attended Michael Kors' show earlier today at the ongoing New York Fashion Week.

She wore a navy blue trench dress from Kors' Spring 2017 collection, that she paired with high neck top. Colour block wedges, winged liner and cascading curls rounded her look out.

I love how she kept the top on and ditched the pants as it made the look sexy yet covered up.

Fab fab fab!!

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She is slaying!

The most beautiful Indian girl ever

The most pretty ...and queen of bollywood

what happened to her ? She used to be so charming and beautiful. lately she is doing and looking wannabe. She should fire her stylist !



There is not a good or bad time to go but the way you handle it. She just was too desperate for the fame in like of the way she was promoting the movie, she was hoping of grabbing headline in Hollywood by declaring a relationship with Vin ( jokes apart). But the movie flopped in America was a huge success in China because of Donnie yen and Chris Wu. She did not need to be that way with Vin, so now not only PC's , Katrina, Anushka, Sonams fans but also some of her fans who were not happy with the way she acted are speaking against her.

She made a big mistake by going to hollywood, she was in her best time, now

Yay yay yay

Yay yay yay

Super yay! Better than model.

Nice outfit and she looks good. Shoes could have been better.

there is somethin off putting about her, she always use to look sweet and innocent but not any more, i'm not sure what it is. do not feel her beauty anymore. pv pls post

No she does not. She has no clue what to do with a Kors look, sorry not sorry.

Deepika is a diva, such beauty and healthy body. Love her. Any dress look good on her.

Nayyyyyyyy... not good

doesn't she claim to be almost 5.9, shes about 5.7, but has great posture and loves 4inch heels

There is plenty doubt that she is beautiful. She looks bad.

Why does it always look like she's trying so hard? Dislike her poses... the look is meh, nay!

frozen look like the yellow dress shoot

Yes. Tamannah knows how to rock a tailored look.

No doubt she is beautiful but no charm or character boring.

She looks so cute and cool.

DP should actually look into Tamannah's style. Maybe she and her stylist could learn something.

love the shoes! Big Yay!

Big nay

Shoes too clunky for dress. Hair style interferes with neckline. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Does she even have a stylist?

Something is off putting

nay. she looks old.

Soooooo goooooooddddd :D

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Pinkvilla has updated its Privacy and Cookie policy. We use cookies to improve your experience on our site and show you Personalized advertisement