Who wore Michael Kors better : Deepika Padukone or Blake Lively?

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The gorgeous Blake Lively attended the Michael Kors show in New York earlier today.

She wore a pink floral embroidered dress by Michael Kors that she styled with tangerine pumps and dangling earrings.

If you may recall, Deepika Padukone wore the same dress not so long ago during the promotions of 'xXx : Return of Xander Cage'.

Of the two, who do you like the dress better on?

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Blake forever

Deepika looks better just because of the smile

DP looks good. She's been dressing too conservative in Hollywood.

Both really....they both pull it off differently im a good way

Deepika does not know how to choose shoes, it's always the same, the shoes ruin all their looks

Honestly NONE!


Blake looks better not flop deepika

Blake looks better.

Deepika the diva

Deepika the diva

Blake always wins...she is sweetness and cuteness personified. So this comparison is not fair.

Blake lively looks healthy and vivacious, being a mother of two, deepika looks tired and malnourished, deep set eyes and dull skin.

Blake. the shoes make the difference.

Deepika , of course !!

omg dp look so old

Only blake

My two fav actress !!

blake slays !!!

Both look good.Finally Deepika looking like her old self.Pretty.

She is looking so worn out here. I liked her in Piku. Her face was fuller but after her foray into Hollywood, she has been losing muscle mass at all the wrong places.


Dp never copies everyone. haters are so jelalous of DP. gosh

Of course blake

blake lively copied deepika thank god otherwise deepika copies basically everyone

Blake Lively, anyday!

Deepika looks great here but love Blake too, she is glowing :)

so Blake copy Deepika lol. i love both but haters would have jump to say that if Blake had worn it before.


DP does better with this look. Blake Lively does better with more glam looks.

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