5 Different ways to style your trench coat this winter season

Winters are all about trench coats and high boots to make a compelling fashion statement during this season. While trench coats are everyone’s favourite, here are 5 ways you can wear a coat to complete your winter look.
5 Different ways to style your trench coat this winter season
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A trench coat is an inevitable part of winter wardrobe that can be worn with any other garment.  You can pair it with a dress, a sweater, boots or trousers. Trench coats are as versatile as it gets during winter. Your trench coat can be paired and switched with any outfit keeping in heavy rotation all throughout the season.

A perfect trench coat can make you look classy, chic, fashionable, stylish and keep you warm. It can go with your office clothes, after working hours, a casual date or a date night with your partner. Here are 5 different ways you can style your trench coat this winter.

1. Trench coat with trousers

For your first look, keep it simple and minimalistic by wearing your trench coat with denim pants, trousers paired with a sweater or a turtleneck. You can dress it down with heels or boots and top it up with a scarf.

2. Trench coat with tall boots

For a more chic look, swap your heels with tall boots or high knee boots. You can opt for black tall boots and wear it with skinny jeans. Choose a black cashmere sweater underneath your trench coat and you’re all set for the evening.

3. All black

The perfect winter look is when you go all black. Dress like nightingale by wearing a black trench coat with black trouser, jeans, black leather pants or a black dress. Go for black pumps and complete this look with a sling bag.

4. Trench coat with a dress

You can wear your summer dress or a midi dress and pair it with a classy trench coat. Opt for boots or sneakers to complete this chic look. Opt for a trench coat with a belt.

5. Minimalistic 

Opt for a neutral or a brown trench coat and pair it with brown pants or white trousers. Go for white pumps, white sneakers or white tall boots to complete this look.

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