5 Staple pieces Princess Diana was always armed with to look her fashionable best 

Princess Diana was known for wearing things she wanted on her own terms be it jeans or dresses. But her closet had 5 staple pieces that ensured she always looked chic. Take a look!
5 Staple pieces Princess Diana was always armed with to look her fashionable best 
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Diana, the Princess of Wales was a much-loved royal and is still remembered fondly. The mother-of-two made quite an impression on the common folk by mingling and greeting them well. Soon, she became a fashion icon as well! 
All of the Princess' outfits were heavily scrutinised by the media and people began to impersonate her looks in every way that they could. 
While she often experimented with her looks and dressed up on her own terms, Lady Di was always armed with 5 staple pieces that ensured she looked put together at all times. Take a look!

An undeniably chic piece is the simple overcoat that Diana absolutely loved. She wore long coats over her outfits and had one in almost every shade!

Matching accessories 
Picking out a solid and bold colour from her entire outfit, Diana kept it in mind to pick out accessories in the same shade. A colour that she loved was red and to match her bright red shoes, she often picked out a red hat and handbag to go with her look. 

Chic cardigan 
When overcoats didn't do the trick, Diana picked out elegant cardigans and blazers to keep her warm and cosy at all times. It also does the trick of making her look formal and elevating her entire look. Need lessons on layering? Princess Diana has you covered!

While wearing hats on a daily basis might not seem possible, opting for hats and headgear for special occasions like weddings and formal events, is always going to elevate the look and ensure all eyes are on you!

Oversized sweaters
According to the Princess of Wales, oversized sweaters are always a good idea. Whether it was to hit the gym or out on vacation, Diana always had her oversized sweaters with her that gave off a chic yet casual look, making it a street-style essential today!

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