5 Times Sara Ali Khan made a statement with prints

Bold prints or mild, we all have to think a couple of times before sporting them. But Sara loves her prints and carries it off beautifully. Here’s proof!
5 times Sara Ali Khan made a statement with prints
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Fashion rules are unspoken but followed by all. When it comes to bold colours and prints we subconsciously tend to give extra thought to our outfits. We always think a little more about how something is or isn’t looking great or think about the pairing and accessories. 

When it comes to Sara Ali Khan, she’s all about them. She loves her prints and isn’t afraid to sport them at all. So while we are all waiting to step out as new people post this lockdown, here’s a boost in the bold direction from someone we trust. 

As you can see, this Shivan and Narresh number is everything we love about prints. Geometric and abstract, this outfit is the bomb. And then there’s Sara, carrying it off with panache. Did you notice how because the outfit is busy her shoes and makeup are understated? That’s a great way to balance out the outfit. If you’re unsure, just put on a solid colour jacket to complete the look. 

Next, we see her rocking this Zebra print embroidered mini from Papa Don’t Preach by Shubhika. Again the skirt has been balanced out by a black tee knotted at the waist. 

Tie-n-dye pants? Sure. We saw her go all out with these pants and matching shoes. This pattern is a major hype now, but she did it with ease back then. Also, she paired this outfit with 2 bubble braids, completing the look. 

Another way to style prints is the way she did them here. With this two-piece set from H&M, she paired some pink pumps. You can do the same by picking the accent colour among all the colours on your print and choose an accessory that goes with it. 

Finally, the list needs to end with a Kawaii explosion. She wore this dress from Pink Porcupines by Aniket Satam with bright neon ombré pumps. Basically telling us, rules-schmules is all rubbish. Just have fun with what you wear and be confident! 

Well, there we have it. Which outfit did you like the most? And what’s your take on prints? Let us know in the comments.